Don't Listen to the Hate. MW3's Multiplayer is a Cure!

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Well for those who don’t know, the countless Game of the Year award -winning game franchise, Call of Duty or to be more specific Modern Warfare, is returning yet again for its latest installment, Modern Wafare 3. Recently around the Interent came news on the game’s kill streak rewards and perks. To refresh (though probably not necessary) Call of Duty’s multiplayer includes a variety of customizable perks, and a set of combat rewards earned to players who stack up kills within one life. 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 came to many player with constant annoyances such as the unbelieveable knife range enhancement perk, Commando, the buzz-killing game ending nuke, and the spawn within a spawn ‘One Man Army’ perk. Luckily it is safe to say that all of that Fubar (with a capital ‘F’) will not inherit itself to WW3. Oops, I’m sorry, MW3.

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This lovely partnership of original developer Infinity Ward and the new Sledgehammer Games have proven to be an amazing advancement towards increasing the franchise’s stability as the military shooter sole superpower. (Battlefield is not yet there) A recent leak of perks and kill streak awards speaks for itself in terms of reassurance on coming to the fan’s request and keeping creative respect Treyarch from efforts in Black Ops. The game is returning the COD4 perk Extreme Condition which is by the resources description a perk that increases the player’s sprint distance not an infinite run. The PRO version removes falling damage. About almost all of the perks in the game have be redined by either returning old ones or swaping PRO upgrades. Similar to Black Ops, the Stopping Power perk seen in previous games has been removed and placed as a deathstreak. It seems more realible in that form and keeps its concept of ‘no steroids in sports’. The newly reformed system in kill streaks is almost stunning. The player will have the choice of wanting assault the opponents, support his or hers allies, or specilize in oneself. Assault kill streaks include the AC-130 or the new machine gun robot. Support kill streaks are team friendly like care packages or a Juggurnaut perk to all your teammates. Specilist kill streaks are designed to boost the lone wolves. As kills stack up, the player will be enhanced with extra perks. At this moment when players reach the highest kill streak in this setup, the player can be a superman with six perks which are possibly customizable.

Now none of this has been proven accurate yet, but most of the leaks have been proven so. Many people (or at least haters) have considered this game to be yet another of the same thing. I personally do not believe such a thing because COD4 and MW2 were so different it was almost a bad thing, but Black Ops felt like a revamped World at War allowing people to consider the title Call of Duty being the same every year. So to my anticipation, let us wait for CALL OF DUTY XP this September to see the ultimate reveal of a game with yet another year of possible record breaking sales. MW3 is really at the point to where you can’t really listen to anyone’s opinion. Real consideration will come during the game’s revealing period which starts with the multiplayer reveal which then follows with the single player trailer.(I nearly crapped myself after seeing DC burning in MW2’s single player trailer) All in all, like I said earlier CoD is a Game of the Year award-winning franchise so look foward to improvements and not disappointments.

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Don't Listen to the Hate. MW3's Multiplayer is a Cure!, Seekyt
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