Don't Neglect the Father-to-be

Are you a father-to-be? If so, you may feel that you are being sorely neglected during the whole pregnancy process. After all, your wife is not doing all the work. You had some involvement in making this baby!

Maybe you are a little bit nervous about becoming a new dad. If so, you may be reluctant to let your wife know how nervous you are, since she has to deal with all of the physical changes. And frankly, she may be a little bit cranky. Becoming a new father is very important, and should be treated that way.

If that is the case, then there are a lot of great resources for you that you can tap into and be more supportive of your wife before and after the baby is born. One of the best books is written by another new dad from his point of view. This book, My Boys Can Swim! by author Ian Davis, asks and answers all of the questions that you might have. Not only that but it will make you laugh out loud with the funny descriptions that Davis uses to explain things. This book is really a guy’s book from one man to another with the kinds of details that you won’t find in the books written for women. It will help keep you involved with the whole shebang, and keep a sense of humor too.

New dads should get gifts at baby showers too. Why do women get all the goodies? There are several awesome gifts for dad that mom will also appreciate including some gag gifts for the father-to-be.

The best gag gift is the Daddy’s Diaper “Doodie” Apron. This is actually a kit that comes in a gift box. The kit includes the apron, a face mask, gloves, a disposable diaper, and comes with extra “emergency” nipples. This is just what every new dad needs as he tries to change a diaper for the first time. It is hysterically funny, and hilarious at any family event.

I have given this gift to several new dads and they laughed so hard when they opened it up. Of course, the next step is trying it on in front of the entire crowd. Every dad needs one, and should have one before the baby arrives. If nothing else, it will keep you laughing when you are deprived of sleep.