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Don’t Overpay – Hassle Free Tips for Buying New Cars Online


In the past I have bought all new cars from going to dealerships in my city and it was a hassle. In fact I find this method of buying a car to be tiresome and unorganized. So when we needed a new family car I selected the hassle free method of searching and buying a car online.

Don’t Overpay – Hassle Free Tips for Buying New Cars OnlineGranted it took some time to search for the car brand and body style that appealed to my family needs. I had to determine if I wanted American made of an important. Fuel economy or hybrid and did I want basic model or were there specific options, like heated or leather seats, fold down hatch, lumbar support and did I really need a backup camera?

Don’t Overpay – Hassle Free Tips for Buying New Cars OnlineI searched online for cars with best miles per gallon because I wanted a car that would save me money at the fuel tank. Then I searched for the safest cars in this class and read the Edmond car reviews. From that search I went to the manufacture and checked for consumer rebates.

When my personal search was completed I had found the car I wanted and was ready to take my online car buying to the next level. Instead of contacting the dealerships in my area I went to truecar.com

Don’t Overpay – Hassle Free Tips for Buying New Cars OnlineTruecar is a website that takes the worry out of buying a car online. You fill out a simple questionnaire and hit submit. True car will tell you what other consumers are paying for the car that you are seeking and you will find out what dealers are overcharging. Truecar will also match you up with dealerships in your area that will provide you with the car that you want at a discounted price.

From my truecar report I contacted by email a knowledgeable salesmen who answered all of my questions. He also informed me of customer incentives that reduced the car list price even more. I made my appointment to test drive the car that I had found online.

The majority of paperwork for buying a new car was competed online so actual time at dealership was approximately an hour. I bought a $26K car and after the rebates and discounts ended up paying $21,500. with NO down payment. When it comes to buying a car I highly recommending searching, finding and buying it online.

*Not the time of the year is a factor for getting the best prices on car. I shopped for my car at the end of the year when the newer cars where arriving and the dealership wanted to get rid of their inventory.

Don’t Overpay – Hassle Free Tips for Buying New Cars Online
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