Don’t Replace Your Faulty Oven Unless Really Necessary…Repair It!

It’s not too uncommon for electric ovens to stop working, however in more instances than not, the fault doesn’t mean that the oven is broken beyond repair! Common faults include blown elements and faulty thermostats, however it’s very rare that an electric oven can’t be fixed in a short period of time, saving hundreds of pounds on the cost of a brand new appliance. In order to take a quick look at common issues experienced with electric cookers to enable you to assess whether or not you’ll be able to repair as opposed to replace, we’ve spoken with CookerCare who offer cooker repairs in London to get their opinion and insight into common faults!

1. Oven Isn’t Heating Up But Turns On

If your oven turns on as normal but doesn’t heat up, it’s almost certainly the case that the element needs replacing. Luckily, this is generally a simple and straightforward job and won’t take a specialist repair engineer long at all. You’ll also be pleased to know that it’s generally not a costly repair either and can often be done the same day. It is something which you can, in theory, replace yourself however take care! It’s often easier and quicker to simply pay a specialist to carry out the repair!

2. Oven Has No Power
If your oven won’t even turn on, it’s very likely that the fuse has blown! If your oven plugs in, check the fuse in the plug or if it’s wired into a circuit, double check the fuse box to ensure nothing has tripped. You’ll often find that simply replacing the fuse or flicking the switch in your fusebox rectified the problem!

3. Oven Heats Up But Grill Doesn’t
If the oven heats up but the grill doesn’t, it’s probably the case that the grill element needs replacing. Oven and grill elements are independent to one another and one blowing generally doesn’t mean that the other will be. As with a faulty oven element, it’s not a big or costly job to replace and calling in a specialist engineer will generally see your grill back up and running in no time at all.

At the end of the day, new appliances are costly and unless you really need to, you shouldn’t be replacing them! A far more cost effective solution to getting your oven working again is to call in a specialist engineer and let them fix the problems for you, often in absolutely no time at all!