Doompedia: Everything that you need to know, when s*** happens!


Doomsday nowadays is already a part of our daily living. The word doomsday became a very popular word within the last few months of 2012, and until now, there are people that still awaits for the day of judgement to arrive. The surprising part of the d-day thing is the population of those who believe and prepares for it. They are not few, and they are not just thousands, but millions around the world are preparing for a day that may, or may never come.

Being prepared is one of the best defense against any disaster or calamity, doomsday or not, it’s best that we are always prepared physically and psychologically for whatever situation or unfortunate event that may come to us. Preppers around the world have their own ways of preparing for the big day, however, are their methods right? Or Budget wise? We do not know, whatever they are doing, it must be effective, because when the day comes and everything that they prepared did not go according to what they plan, there will be no turning back and there will be no second chances.

Okay, after the long introduction, let’s go and talk about the basics of prepping. Everything has it’s own start and doomsday prepping is no exception to that. But before we go to the complex and expensive part of prepping, let’s first talk about physical and mental preparedness. Ask yourself, are you prepared physically for any situations like hand to hand combat, mountain climbing, jungle survival and most of all, is your body’s immune system ready for any kind of potent bacteria, virus and fungi around you? Are you intellectually prepared for any kind of invasion? Do you know what tactics to do? Do you know how to improvise? Those are the things that preppers must think first before preparing materially.

Physical training is the basic in any kind of preparation, be it in war, catastrophic events, and survival situations. Preppers do not need a full military exercise just to make their physique ready for those I mentioned earlier. Just a simple cardiac exercise like jogging and some strength training in the gym will do.

Self defense is also needed for d-day prepping, and be sure to get the best master/instructor for it. Choose the best martial arts that you think will suit your body and personality. Do some mental training so that your body and mind will be one during martial arts training.

Read lots of books about hostage taking, psychological warfare and war strategy so that your ready in any circumstances that will need your knowledge about everything that you have read. Try to do some research about medicinal plants and the things that can be eaten in the jungle just in case your out of supplies. Do some research on the internet about preparing your own self defense equipment just in case you lose your expensive ones or in case your out of ammo.

Anyway, I will discuss those things on the next chapters of this guide, or should I say book in progress. Hehe, this article will serve as an evidence that I own every right of the book including the cover that I created earlier with adobe Photoshop software.

Okay, let’s continue with the basics. If you thought that we are done with the basics, then you are wrong. We are just getting started. What do you think are the list of things that is needed for d-day prepping. Yes! basic materials needed for the d-day prepping.

One of the basics in doomsday is a backpack. The explanation is very easy and there’s need for us to have a PhD degree just to know the use of this bag is. Of course, the bag is the thing where we will put the basic things that we will need on a journey.

This basic prepping needs is one of the thing that should not be forgotten. We may be prepared physically, but still, there are instances that we will be needing first aid kits. We cannot avoid having little injuries in a survival situation, sometimes we tend to be in a situation wherein we will be put in an accident that is inevitable and life threatening. We may also get mild to moderate sickness, and basic medicines are the key for surviving.

The equipment on the left is the thing that every prepper should have. It’s very useful in any kind of situation. Knife uses are so many that I will just discuss it on the next chapter of Doompedia book.