Doompedia: Uses of a survival knife

Hello my avid readers, now let’s talk about the different uses of a survival knife. From my previous post, I told you that a survival knife, or any kind of knife that is sharp can be very useful in a survival situation. Now, here’s the list of the things that a knife can do in any survival situation or unfortunate events.

1. Self – defense:

a. If everything seems to get awkward and wild animals or thieves/goons are becoming a threat, the knife can be used in a hand to hand combat. It’s prepping right? That’s why preparing for such instances are important. If you will ask me, where can I learn a hand to hand combat? The answer is simple, ask some experts on knife self-defense so that when you will be in a situation, that there’s no option but to fight in hand to hand combat, your ready. But if you’re rich enough, why not order some ninja throwing knifes, it will be fun for sure.

b.Creation of improvised long range weapons can be easily achieved in the jungle if you have a survivalt knife, or a sharp object that can cut through woods. Remember that during the stone age, Aztecs and the Mayans, they only use sharp stones and woods as weapons for invasion. So it’s pretty sure that with a sharp survival knife, it will be much easier. I will be giving a step by step instructions on how to do and use different kinds of improvised weapons on the whole book after it is completed, for now, here are the list of weapons that you can make. A short bow – good for defending your self against small aggressive animals in the wild. Can also be a good weapon to disable invaders, it’s best to make them go away.

But, if you think that a short bow is not enough. A long bow with a 50 lbs draw wait will do. I guess if you hit someone with a bow of that strength and draw wait, it will surely stop. Blowgun, a very light but useful weapon. If you think that a blowgun is just for kids and wannabes? Think again. with knowledge of mixing poisons that can be gathered around the woods, it will be more deadly than a .45 caliber hand gun. Silent? Yes! It definitely is. You cannot be detected and you can take down the invaders or goons, one by one.

With a survival knife you can also set traps within the perimeter. Traps can be useful for any kind of threat and also useful for foods.

2. Food Survival:

a. With a survival knife, you can hunt for edible worms, insects nor small snakes that is available in the wild. I am sure, it’s better for you to eat those kind of foods instead of dying because of starvation.

b. With the use of blowguns and bows that you have created from your knife, you can hunt down some fish and other delicious foods that is available in the river and in the woods. You can also clean the fish or meat that you hunted and cut them to pieces for better chewing and dining experience during a survival situation.

3. Medical Survival

a.If you’ve been beaten by a venomous snake, you can use the knife to immobilize the bitten part to keep the poison from spreading. It may sound nasty and painful, but it’s better than to be killed. You are there to survive, not to die.

b.You can also use the knife to cut some medicinal herb as an alternative if ever your out of first aid medicines. In reality, medicinal herbs are more powerful that the commercially available drugs in the market, however, it’s also dangerous, because we do not know how strong the chemical content of each medicinal plant have.

c. If you ran into a nasty situation and you’ve been wounded by a gun shot, and there’s no doctor and hospital to aid you, will you do the surgery on your hands? If I were to be asked, I will definitely say yes. It’s better to push your luck sometimes specially if we are talking about life and death situations. ( but remember, this are for survival and doomsday only, please do not do these at home nor in any place, if the presence of a hospital, clinic or medical professional is there, go and ask for their help.)

3. Camping

a.With the use of a survival knife, you can make a temporary shelter so that when the night falls, or your body is asking you to rest, then you have a place to stay.

4. Mountain climbing

a.If you forgot a rope or you just lost it during your adventure, you can make your own rope from available vegetation around. Their fibers can be woven together to act as a rope for climbing down or up on mountains.

Now, that you learn about the many uses of a survival knife, on the whole book, I will be giving a step by step instruction about making a bow from different kinds of materials. I just wish to finish writing the book soon.

(I am not responsible for what any actions that the readers will do after reading this hub. I post and wrote this hub for educational purposes only, and to help the people if they will be put in any awkward and survival situation, be it dooms day or not)