Doors in Life that ought not to be reopen

Majority of many people who has a past history of being violent abuse as a child or domestic violence or bullying and or had an addiction of alcohol or drugs and these survivors who are trying to work on getting their live’s back on track do not want to be reminded of their past.

Why open a can of worms and stir up old hurtful memories. Instead opening a can of worms, ought to try to encourage someone who has been badly abuse or have had an addiction. The day I started school, my first day of Kindergarten I was terrified and very frighten for it be the first time away from my parents, first time away from home for a long day. Most of the faces on bus were all new to me, and felt like a fish out of water. When I arrived to school and met my teacher I followed my big sister and the other children in my class; but when my sister left me to go into her classroom, telling me to go into my classroom, that I would be okay but I wasn’t. I started crying and getting home-sick for my daddy. I wanted to go home. I felt so lost being around people I never met before. I was bewildered in a large classroom when my kindhearted teacher walked back to my desk to try to comfort me and encourage me that I will be okay and would see my daddy soon after school is over. The kids in my class started calling me names such as, cry baby, ugly duckling which only made the situation worst. School was a not so delightful for me, it was a new experience that I felt I did not fit well with the other students. It was like that all through my school years to the bullying just gotten over-powering to where I dropped out of school in the seventh grade. I hated school with a passion and the teachers was not very helpful nor understanding.

Now that I am Adult, I did go back to school to earn my high school diploma from online studies. I would not go to a physical school because of my past history of being a victim of bullying. Today, it is a topic I rather not talk about or bring up in a conversation for I feel that door of my school years life shouldn’t be open for it only causes me to have back flashes of memories I want to forget of the trauma I had to go through trying to survive.