Doping; or merely Avoiding Losing?

Right after Usain Bolt changed clubs he became unbeatable. He is very tall, slender, strong, and has a perfect pace.

Asafa Powell, a good enough sprinter has a serious problem with the inability of admitting that he is not fast enough. Since Usain has bested him, it is rare for Powell to finish a race. He’s always injured. That’s his excuse. Not that Bolt is faster, no. Powell is ‘injured.’

Although Usain Bolt has encouraged him, never insulted or tried to belittle, Powell can not accept reality, and decided to be banned for ‘doping’.

Tyson Gay, a fantastic poor loser, a man with an anger management problem only wins if Usain Bolt is absent or injured. He can not beat Bolt He knows it. The world knows it. Like Powell, injury doesn’t work anymore; hence takes some over the counter whatever and fail a doping test.

These are two men who ‘opt out’. Who take the ‘easy’ ego protection way out. Disqualification as opposed to losing.

This ‘disqualification’ contra ‘losing’ is common in life. You don’t fail if you are some how ‘prevented’ from taking the challenge.

People do ‘sabotage’ themselves. You can see it from the classroom to the board room. You can see it in personal relationships, where one person is afraid of committement or loving too much, so cheats, or doesn’t extend. You can see it where the application is not submitted, or when one is always late.

If you notice how many times a particular person arrives ridiculously tardy; it is a flag that they are afraid of ‘losing’ so put themselves out of contention.

Lateness is not accidental when it is habitual. If you have to be here at 9 am and it normally takes 30 minutes to arrive, the person who is interested is out of their house by 8 am. The person who is afraid of failure leaves at 9 am.

Doping in sports is not accidental. One knows when they imbibed anything questionable. Many of us avoid those ‘energy’ drinks because of the chemicals in them, and we aren’t running 100 meters.

By taking that ‘dope’ an athelete will fail a drug test. Fail and be disqualified, and protect himself from losing.