To begin with, “doppelganger” is a German word that means “double walker”.They are considered by some to be bad omens. Doppelgangers or “doubles” were thought to signify misfortune but that is not always the case.

A doppelganger is an unexplainable identical double of a living person, much like what you could term as a “ghost of the living”. This is the way I refer to them. I would think it is correct to say that seeing a doppelganger is a psychic says that a doppelganger is “a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person”. They are like ghosts of the living.

From personal experience I can say that seeing a doppelganger,whether it is yours or someone else, does not always mean something negative will happen. I once had a dream where I saw my own double. It was one of the strangest dreams I ever had. There were two of “me” in the dream.

Another personal experience I can relate is that my daughter saw my doppelganger. She looked up as I passed by her bedroom through the hall towards a room beyond. It was a dead-end hallway leading to two bedrooms and a bathroom, and you’d have to turn around and leave the hall the same way you entered it. Moments later she heard me making some noise in the living room. My daughter came out of her room and asked if I’d passed by. Which of course I could not have done, since I was there in the living room, in the opposite direction from where my double was seen walking. She was asking though, in a sort of denial state.That experience scared us both somewhat,but again, nothing bad happened later.

Some people, when referring to a “doppelganger”, mean someone who looks like a “twin” of someone else or of themselves either living or deceased. But I am writing about the other type of doppelganger that you might refer to as “classic” ,meaning doppelgangers that has no explanation. In other words the type of doppelgangers that are basically “ghosts of the living” .Doppelgangers are fascinating. History is full of reports of them. Some involve famous people. Others are recorded in old books on hauntings. And doppelgangers are still happening to this day,

Famous Cases

There are many historical people who had doppelganger experiences. Some of them were seen by others when it was impossible, at least “unexplainable.Some famous people from the past whose doppelgangers were seen by others , or who saw their own were the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, the poet John Donne ,Abraham Lincoln, Vice-Admiral Sir George Tryon, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, and author Ruskin Bond

Percy Bysshe Shelley saw his own doppelganger while walking on a terrace. It actually spoke to him, asking “how long do you mean to be content ?”. A friend of his and his wife’s was staying with them and saw Shelley pass by a window, twice. Upon looking for him they found there had been nowhere for him to disappear to after being seen. This experience completely unnerved the guest.


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In 1820 Percy Shelley wrote a drama called “Prometheus Unbound”. In it he wrote – “Ere Babylon was dust. /The Magus Zoroaster, my dead child./Met his own image walking in the garden./ That apparition. sole of men. he saw./ For know there are two worlds of life and death:/ One that which thou beholdest; but the other/ Is underneath the grave. where do inhabit the shadows of all forms that think and live /Till death unite them and they part no more….

Both Percy Bysshe Shelley and Abraham Lincoln did have tragic deaths. Perhaps their stories and others with similar sad endings contributed to the idea that a doppelganger is a harbinger of a tragedy to come. Perhaps there is some truth to the idea that a doppelganger is not always a good thing.


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Edgar Allan Poe wrote a story that included a Doppelganger

In Books And Film

Not always in the classic sense though, some books and films include “doubles” in their plots. Some books that include doppelgangers are Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “The Double” and the short story “William Wilson” by Edgar Allan Poe.

This subject has been included movies. Some movies that involve them include “Doppelganger” made in 2003 by Takeshi Furusawa and “Coraline” by Henry Selick. A recent film from 2010 is “Black Swan” . In “Black Swan” the ballerina Nina Sayers sees a her own doppelganger. It was an eerie twist in the film too.

Even Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone” included the subject of doppelgangers or “doubles”.

Anyone Might See One

Perhaps you will experience seeing a doppelganger at some point in your life. Maybe you will even see your own doppelganger, if you have not already. There is no telling until it happens. However seeing a one does not necessarily mean you have anything to fear.

Personal Experiences With Doubles

I have seen my own double three times in my life, but not through a psychic or unexplainable experience. Rather a “double” or “doppelganger” , meaning a living person who resembles another, and sometimes so much they could almost be their “twin”. Two of my experiences were photographs of women who looked like me, the third experience was seeing my double in person.

When I saw my double in person, I was at a drive-through at a pharmacy. As I waited I glanced through the window and there inside, standing at the pharmacy counter, {opposite of where I was waiting in my car}, stood someone so much like me, that I could only stare at them. It was bizarre.

With the photographs it was almost as strange.The photos I accidentally found resembled me when I was younger, about thirty years of age and both were totally different women. Right down to the eye make-up on one of them. But I would say seeing your double in person has got to be the strangest.