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Do’s and Don’ts of an Effective Web 2.0 Submission

Businesses today are discovering the effectiveness of Web 2.0 sites which enhance their article submissions. This is the latest Internet facility that allows more than a one-way information source. It has progressively moved on to become a powerful interactive medium for web users with its new social interaction feature. Hence, it is expected that the web readers of Web 2.0 sites would be much higher than before.

Many personal and business blogs as well as social networks and wikis have joined the Web 2.0 platform for a greater exposure of their articles for the higher readership. It is not surprising to note the increased Web 2.0 submissions in the market today with the facility easily available.

Preferred sites

There is a need to use various good feeder sites to direct the desired traffic to the business site for more conversion opportunities via back-links. Relevant feeder sites have plenty of relevant content that can boost the rank of the website; hence, the right feeder sites are preferably linked between the Web 2.0 site and the main website.

The preferred feeder sites include WordPress, Hubpages and Squidoo; each has its own distinct features that would benefit the main site. These sites can be linked to the main website and multiple Web 2.0 sites.

Preferred Web 2.0 sites for posting any blogs or web articles include WikiSpaces.com, Blog.com, Webs.com, Quizilla.com, Blogger.com, Xanga.com and a host of other sites with more cropping up on the Internet.

Preferred content

It is crucial to submit quality content to Web 2.0 sites which allow back-links. The length of the article is also a deciding factor on its approval and high page ranking. Content needs to be interesting and relevant to the readers to keep drawing them back to the site. Good and relevant keywords are important in the article to boost the promotion of the site.

Niche content always score higher with reputable search engines and article directories through Web 2.0 sites. Relevant images can be included in the content to enhance its value. Variety is the spice of life which web readers would prefer in choosing preferred articles which are well written and relevant.

Preferred actions

A successful Web 2.0 submission requires preferred actions such as having the right links to reputable and favored sites besides the personal website. Links can be made to Wikipedia and other reputable authorities for an increased ranking.

Web 2.0 sites aim to promote quality articles. Hence, it is important to submit articles that fit the bill to enjoy a high ranking.

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