Dr. Kings Natural Allergy Medication Review

Dr. Kings medication relieves seasonal allergies safely and nauturally

If you are allergic to trees, grasses, weeds, pollen and mold then the fall season will cause you to suffer from allergies; coughing, sneezing runny noise, watery eyes and aches and pains.  Allergies take the fun out of the fall season but you do not have to suffer because Dr. Kings Homeopathic medicine will relieve your symptoms.


Fall is my favorite season for spending time outdoors. Both my husband and I enjoy hiking off trail at the state parks that are located in the Ozark Mountains. The scenery is gorgeous, the weather ideal and my allergies are terrible due to the rag weed pollen, goldenrod and the mites on the oak tree leaves. In the past I took prescription medication for my allergy symptoms but the medication was too strong for me and either made my blood pressure go up or I felt drowsy.


Last fall I told my husband to go hiking without me. Yes I stopped going outdoors during the fall season because it made me suffer from allergies. Well I did not stay indoors long because a friend told me about Dr. Kings natural medicine for regional allergies, southern. I shopped for it and found it on Amazon and read the reviews before I bought to try. I followed the directions and this product does work, plus it did not give me the jitters and blood pressure did not go up.

Shop for Dr. Kings regional allergy medication. There are many formulas to choose from;  I reside in southern US so I bought the medicine for my area.

For Best results you would start using this product a few days before you plan your fall season outing because you want to get the medicine in your system. If you take a couple of sprays under your tongue on the day you go on your hike, then chances are you will get an allergy attack.

For me two sprays in the morning and 2 sprays at night is all that I need to prevent allergies. Now if I feel an allergy coming on I will take two more spray under my tongue. So it is best to take your Kings allergy medicine with you.

Do you suffer from fall season allergies? Have you ever used homeopathic medicines to treat your allergy symptoms?