Dr. Seuss Nursery Decorations

The Dr. Seuss nursery theme is very popular for baby girls and boys. If you are expecting a baby and need to decorate your nursery, consider the Dr. Seuss themed nursery. Use the simple tips below to get you started decorating your nursery.

Colors to Use for a Dr. Seuss Themed Nursery
Due to the popularity of The Cat in the Hat, red and blue are often considered default colors for Dr. Seuss decorations. Colors for a Dr. Seuss nursery theme are not typically pastel, they are often heavier colors and can feature stripes and dots. When you begin decorating your Dr. Seuss nursery, start with solid blue and red and go from there. Another good strategy is to use your favorite Seuss book to draw colors from and use those as a base and accents.

Where to Buy Decorations for a Dr. Seuss Nursery
Etsy is a great place to start looking for nursery decorations. You can find personalized wall stickers with famous Seuss quotes and wall hangings that feature great Seuss colors.
Amazon is a no-brainer for Seuss nursery décor. Look here for more general nursery decorations like rugs, window treatments, light switch covers, bookends, crib bedding, etc.
EBay is a great place to find discontinued or more aged Dr. Seuss decorations, sometimes at a discount. There are many different Dr. Seuss items that are no longer manufactured and EBay the best place to look.
Keep in mind that you can also frame Dr. Seuss books to use as a great nursery decoration. A typical frame to fit a larger Seuss book will run approximately $20 on Amazon. This would serve as a unique and personal piece of nursery décor.

Free Online Resources for Decorating Your Nursery
Check out the website Colour Lovers. They offer a great (FREE) color palette tool and pattern maker. You can also search through patterns and color collections from other users to see if there is already a scheme that uses colors you prefer. You can also purchase framed prints with the colors you choose from the site. The prices are quite reasonable.
Another great resource for getting the baby’s room ready is Decorating Your Nursery. This site offers a large variety of decorating options and tips to help get you started.

I hope you were able to use these tips to decorate your Dr. Seuss nursery. Whatever your theme, good luck decorating your nursery.