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Tattoos have been a part of the human culture since the day when man learnt to live in tribes. In the earlier days, tattoo or body art was not a way of decorating the self, but was used for the purpose of recognizing people from particular tribes. Those were the days of tribal and Celtic tattoos. However, with the advancement of time and style, people began to choose the art of tattooing and incorporate designs which combine cultures of various countries. In such a time of evolution of body art practices, dragon tattoos became a vital part of the tattoo culture.

Dragon is a symbol that holds multiple meanings, all depending on from which perspective you are seeing it. It is not just a clash of the Western and Eastern ideas which find a strong paradox in the symbol of dragon. Even in the East, countries have different ways to look at this mythical creature. In Japan, dragons are the royal animals which stand for the representation of the royalty, especially the emperor or the crown. This makes the dragon a powerful and venerable mythical animal in Japan. In China, however, dragons are believed to bring good luck and fortune, so they are painted and shown as happy animals. In the West, the picture changes, for this particular culture believes that dragons are the carriers of negative energy. This is the reason why the Western presentation of dragons almost always includes a fire breathing action or an angry face.

When it is a matter of drawing tattoos on the body, many believe in the happy and powerful notion of the dragons compared to the negative image. And this has led to a continuous growth in the success of dragon tattoos all over the world. Whether it is a plain and simple dragon in black, or it is a colorful dragon that is needled all over the back in intricate designs, dragons symbolize passion as well as calm all in the same place. The popularity of dragon tattoos has also made it quite difficult to get them done without becoming common. With so many of these designs being painted every day, it becomes important that you do not let yours become same as the person living in next block.

Before you decide to get the tattoo done and just after you have decided that you want a dragon, you have to find out more about the patterns in which a dragon can be tattooed. Firstly, you need to decide the location of the tattoo on your body. If you want a small and sweet one, you could get it done on the wrist or shoulder. You can also get the tattoo done on the ankle, for this is a very modern concept, and coupled with the unique theme of the tattoo, a tattoo of dragon on the ankle seems to be a cool idea. Other than these, other body locations like on the waist, around the navel, on the collarbone, or even at the end of the spine are good options.

These options were for those who want a small dragon tattoo. If you want it to be big and attention grabbing, you have to choose a place which not just gives you a good area but also a good exposure so that all the pain is not hidden behind clothes. In this case, you have to choose places like the whole shoulder, the full back so that the dragon can be worked all around the spine, the leg or thigh so that the artist can draw it all around the curves. You can also go for your hand as this is one place which is usually in full view. For those who have a regular formal job which has rules about tattoos being shown off and yet who love to be in touch with their wild side, you can choose the legs or back or even the shoulders for these places mostly remain under clothes while you are at the office.

When the location is decided, then you have to find out what design or pattern you want your dragon tattoo to be in. for this, you can do your research in a various ways. Internet is a very good source of information, and you can read about the types of dragon tattoos and also see images of hundreds of types of tattoo designs which will help you to make a design of your own. If you like a few particular tattoo designs and you are not sure whether you can combine them to make a design of the dragon on your own; you can get printouts of them and take them to the tattoo artist when you visit for the design selection session. Another good idea for choosing the tattoo design ideas would be to visit a few tattoo artists’ studios before you decide on the exclusive design for yourself. The trick with popular designs like flowers, dragons ortribal designs is that these are so popular that you always need to keep thinking how to make them different from what everybody has got. You could make a combination of dragon with a Celtic pattern, or add a few mystic Chinese letters to give your dragon tattoo idea an authentic feel.

When you are decided about getting the dragon tattoo, you have to keep in mind that this tattoo is going to stay with you for all your life. So, while choosing the location or design or even the colors, remember that you have to live with it. Be very careful about them all. If you are usually the type of person who likes black and white better than colors, you do not have to experiment with the tattoo and get a colorful dragon needled on your body. You could get a fake one and experiment. But stay close to your regular choices, for that is one way by which you will always feel at one with the power of the dragon on your body.

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