Dragon tattoos for men and women

Dragon tattoos for men and women

Whilst I disagree with the thousands of people who either hate tattoos or think that women should not have them. It does seem that whilst the Dragon tattoos designed for men are acceptable on women, the designs for women sometimes just would not look right on a male body.
The Dragon tattoo is probably one of the earlier designs, so lets see why,

First of all Dragons feauture in many different cultures through time, giving the Dragon many different names. My own pen name Ddraig indeed means dragon.( I also have a dragon tattoo).

Dragons are also known as Ddraig,Draco, Drakon,Draca,Derkein,Dreigiaw,Ormr among others. What ever they are called, every culture knows a Dragon command respect for the raw bravery, fierce and protective qualities. Christianity may have turned Dragons in to some sort of monsters that were human predators, but Dragons were as much renown for their prowess, mythical ability and wisdom.

There in is where you will find the reason for Dragon tattoos being so very different. We must remember that tattoos are art, art being self expressive of the designer.My Dragon is the Welsh Red Dragon, known as ‘ Y Ddraig goch’. I chose to have it as a memory to my blood line and in honour of my Father who had died a few months before I had it done.So my dragon tattoo just stands proud, as he does as the standard of Wales. A Japanese or Celtic style dragon would look very different to mine.

The Dragon in this picture is very typical of the fierce expression a Japanese dragon is depicted with, a fearless warrior that protects what he will.

These style Dragon tattoos almost always end up being part of a complete scenery and are typically male tattoos. Although in the circle of friends I hold, you could well find this sort of Dragon tattoo on a female.

There is also a typical trait of the Japanese style Dragon tattoos, that being they always have snake like bodies. Look how much this Dragon snakes around, more like a Salamander than a dragon. Now take a look at the Welsh dragon and see how much shorter and structured the body of the dragon is. That is because the Dragon in Wales is seen to have the body of a Griffin. Another Dragon like creature, also mythical.

The third style of dragon tattoo that is quite common is the tribal dragon tattoo. The tribal dragon tattoo is one of the most common right now out of the three styles. It is much more fluid and can be made thinner and more delicate for female tattoos and thicker tattoo lines for men’s dragon tattoos. Tribal dragon tattoos tend to be in sillouette form mainly and are usually in the flowy style, shaped around whatever part of the body has been chosen to receive the tattoo. The most famous example of this style is probably ‘ The Girl with the Dragon tattoo’.

Whichever style dragon tattoo you decide to choose, remember what the dragon stands for.

On a woman it represents the old ways of female being creator and the cool and calm power that lays under the surface. On a man it represents power that is edged with wisdom, for what the man wishes to protect. Whether ou are a woman or a man, whether you choose a Japanese,Chinese,tribal or modern dragon tattoo, you will be giving a warning to show people that it would be dangerous to cause you trouble.