Drink Structured Water and live better

The water we drink being mostly tap or bottled, is not adequate water that we should feed our bodies with. Water has a surface tension, that is how its able to form a droplet or allow a spider to run across it. This tension is about 72-75 dynes in either tap or bottled water. In order for our cells to absorb and allow the water to pass through the outer fatty acids of the cell, it needs to have a surface tension of 45 dynes or lower.
(For detailed information on this subject go here Structured Water )

Water is structured into living water as it flows in vortacies through mountain streams and over rocks through rivers and creek beds. It absorbs the negative charge from the earth and becomes magnetic and is purified from any toxins as it lets them go through the restructuring of its molecule. On the other hand water is unstructured and made lifeless with no charge as it’s zapped with positive electromagnetic charges to kill bacteria in waste plants before it is fed with chemicals like, fluoride, aluminum to protect city pipes and chlorine. Its then pushed through high pressure city pipes before it sits stagnant until being poured into our drinking glass.

Firstly as I mentioned before tap and bottled water is between 72 and 75 dynes but our cells need a much lower surface tension to hydrate and flush them of toxins. Structured water however is around 42 dynes and is adequate to hydrate the billions of cells that live in the body.
Secondly Structured Water is energized giving our blood the negative charge it needs to create an alkaline aerobic free flowing environment full of oxygen.
70% of Americans are dehydrated and don’t even know it. We need to focus on feeding our body what it needs, Proper Water that is energized and alive and not dead.

Thirdly Structured Water has many amazing benefits from growing plants much faster and bigger to cleaning everything a lot better. for example all calcium buildups that you get from tap water are eliminated as the calcium is structured into the water instead of being a nuisance and causing build-ups in the body, house pipes, shower floor/doors and so on. It cleans clothes and dishes better and is a joy to shower with as your left cleaner and more hydrated because its tension is less and the water is softer. Continue reading at www.moleculesofwater.com