Drive Different with a Variety of Vacation Vehicle Tours

Summertime has arrived and once again my family is looking to me to provide endless entertainment possibilities. It can be hard year after year to come up with new ideas and themes and I’m not always in tune with my creative side when the time comes for such planning. Then one brilliant thought hit me. It’s not often you can find inspiration in watching a golf cart chase scene in a movie but that’s exactly where I found it. How fun would it be for family members to be able to chase each other on the back half of a 18-hole course? Ok, maybe that’s a bit extreme, even if possibly therapeutic, but a tour of a city, farm, or beach in atypical vehicles seems a great way to get out and explore. So I decided to see what was out there and I’m now even more excited than everyone else to get out there and do one, or more, of these!

Going back to the original source, I discovered that you can indeed find golf cart tours all over the country. If you are in a small town or on an island, this can be a good way to get around at lower speeds and see the architecture and buildings up close as some places allow the carts on the wider walkways. This would also be a perfect way to take a low key non-walking jaunt along a greenway or marina. For those who have older children ready to consider college, ask at the campus information center if this sort of tour is available when you visit. It can make it a bit easier to get around a new town while still getting a chance to see more buildings and departments on a short weekend scouting visit.

If visiting cities is more your speed and you want to try out this idea, look into the possibility of renting each member of your group an individual motorized electric scooter to get around busy sidewalks and city centers. This also allows you to use mass transit to get into the city or park in a garage once there and not have to continually find parking. This will save you a lot of time as well as offer an eye level walking view of the city without the aching feet at the end of a long, fun day. Depending on the size of the place you are visiting, you might even want to focus on different sections of the town over the course of two days. Many cities also pair these tours with other themes such as brewery or wine tasting events to make the day more cohesive. If the one you plan on visiting is famous for something you enjoy, ask the chamber of commerce about any known scooter tours that enhance the specialty.

If you want to get a little more exercise with your fresh vehicle tour, consider pedicabs or beach bicycles! You may be familiar with the idea of renting a pedicab to be driven around a large park or tourist area, but there are also towns throughout the country that rent the pedicab to you and it’s up to you and your guests to power it around the streets of your destination. This could be a fun experiment in how well you and yours can work together on vacation. Beach bicycles are exactly what they sound like. Made specifically to be ridden efficiently on sand, they can be found as standard uprights as well as in recumbent form. These bikes make it fun and easy to get up and down long stretches of beachfront. The family can see a variety of scenery out on the horizon while pedaling at individual paces.

Finally, for those who want a little more speed with their adventure, don’t forget to check out motorbikes, atvs, or baja style vehicle touring options. All of these can allow you to get a bit further into rough terrain and are a great idea for seeing parts of mountains, wooded areas, and deserts you might otherwise miss out on. While motorbikes are obviously one per person, some atvs, jeeps and buggies can offer a way for 2 or more people to enjoy the ride together. Just make sure everyone is buckled up for the journey!

Obviously, some of these ideas are more available than others depending on the area you live in or will be visiting. However, with a little research on the internet, through the local chamber of commerce, or even a visit to the sporting goods store, you are sure to find some fun ideas wherever you want to head out for exploring. Remember to get the safety information relevant to your choice and put it to use to have the most fun possible on your vehicle adventure!