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Driving in the desert sands of Dubai

Just out of Dubai in the desert, flat and sandy and just 50 km to go see the dunes which undulate in waves in a sea of ??golden sand conducive to 4×4 safaris. This sport, which is called “the Dune Bashing” (hitting the Dunes), is particularly popular with UAE. But the sand is a particular environment should be approached with caution, even for those who practice off-road driving. Driving in sand and dunes, is not natural, but acquired if you follow some basic rules.


Contrary to popular belief, sand is not always soft, but its consistency is very variable, so it is very easy to get trapped by areas of soft sand in the middle of passages of hard sand. Some areas are often soft hollow between the dunes and the tops of the dunes (last third before the peak). Similarly, the leeward side of a dune where the sand flows from the top is still very soft, so impassable uphill. If a dune is impossible to climb, you can go very near its base because the sand is a little harder, packed by weight. Similarly, it is assumed that the sand is more consistent in the morning as moisture due to condensation on hardens a little nightlife and it becomes softer during the hottest hours.


Safety is First.

Even if the speed is low and the sand soft, the seat belt is highly recommended, both for the driver and passengers, and when crossing dunes, it is imperative that the vehicle is all tied up and properly secured.

Speed ??and Power

The sand must operate smoothly, like on snow or ice, and avoid violent changes of direction, sudden acceleration and braking nuisance. It should turn smoothly, not swerve but great curves, and still have good speed, neither too much nor too little. Anticipate wearing look ahead to 50m to see the sand area in front of the wheels and, contrary to popular belief, do not ride in the footsteps of others because the sand is blank holder. Finally it stops only when you feel hard ground under the wheels of 4×4.

Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Tourism in Dubai is one of the great sources of the revenue of Dubai. Tourists from all over the world are encouraged to see the great adventures of driving in the deserts of Dubai. Flights to Dubai are available from approximately every part of the world and booking of tickets is offered online on the internet.

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