Dropbox introduces Application U2F stick


Users of cloud storage Dropbox can use a new option for two-factor authentication: In addition to the password now provides a USB stick with U2F standard for additional security during login.

The online storage service Dropbox has introduced a new option of two-factor login. Immediately Users of the service can secure the login process in addition to the password entry with a U2F stick. It is a USB stick that supports the open standard FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F).

Stick is safe from online attacks

Such a drive will be available in approximately 6 Euro. Access to the files of your Dropbox account is only when the registered U2F key has been detected. The advantage on U2F stick: The stick is safe from online attacks – as opposed to smart phone codes such as passwords can be intercepted in phishing attacks as well.

Filings with Internet services with the so-called two-factor authentication are very safe: In addition to the password, the user still needs to identify on a second path. With Dropbox that was previously a six digit code, which the user was sent via SMS. The U2F stick can after purchase be activated via the Dropbox settings for the service – and to work not only there, but about even with Google.

Not every user can, however, make his Dropbox account secure using the Sticks: The Login using U2F stick works so far only with the Chrome browser and desktop operating systems. For smartphones or tablets this kind of two-way authentication is not suitable – here the user must continue to rely on the SMS code, if he wants to sign more secure than only with a password.