Drowning Dangers For Young Children

Young children can be at risk of drowning in very little water-in a tub, a fish bowl, even a cleaning bucket. There should always be adequate supervision at all times to prevent the vast majority of drowning fatalities.

Around the House

While you are cleaning, keep your eye on your bucket of water or cleaning fluid. Empty it as soon as you are done. Keep the bathroom door closed. Toddlers have drowned in the toilet. Make sure any fish tank is out of the reach of toddlers and babies.

General Water Safety

Never leave a young child alone near the water. Enroll children in swimming lessons taught by instructors who are certified by the American Red Cross. But keep in mind that lessons don’t make your child water-safe or drown-proof. Take a CPR course, and keep your skills current. And most important always keep an eye on your children at all times.

Enclosed Spa and Pool Safety

Spas and pools must be fully enclosed with a four-sided fence that is at least four feet high and is equipped with a self-closing and self-latching gate. The latch should be above the reach of your toddler. Even if you do have a fence around the pool, children should be supervised when they’re in the area. Many children quickly figure out how to climb over a fence, not to mention the temptation a pool offers to a young child.

Tables and Chairs

Never place chairs or tables near the pool fence. Children may climb on the furniture to get into the pool area. If you have a pool or spa indoors, keep the room locked.

Cover’s For Your Spa and Pool

If you use a cover for your pool or spa, remove it completely when the pool or spa is in use. Children have been known to drown when trapped under the cover. Don’t allow a child to walk on a spa or pool cover.