News Drugs, drugs and more Evil drugs, Obama, Calderon pledge...

Drugs, drugs and more Evil drugs, Obama, Calderon pledge cooperation on drug wars


WASHINGTON (AP) — Seeking to repair damaged relations, President Barack Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon agreed Thursday to deepen their cooperation in combating drug violence and declared a breakthrough in efforts to end a long-standing dispute over cross-border trucking .

So, what are we going to do about it? We are going to give them 1.4 billion dollars. Yes, I know we are looking at taking social security away from our Grandparents and the disabled, but at least we have enough to send it to Mexico. We don’t want to pay for our own health and well being, but have no problem giving our money away to help Mexico. We are just such wonderful folks.

Usually I am on-board with the Obama camp, but this is just stupid. I know you all have heard this before, it is seriously time to consider legalizing drugs. Oh,oh….. I can hear the tea baggers…. I mean tea partiers out there saying ‘ Them is commie words’ But with the hatred you have of this Administration. how could this be a good idea…. huh.. Are you on my side yet? Being pro-legalize = anti-Obama. So what do you think, will we see a tea party tent at the next Hempfest?

It’s amazing the resistance this subject receives. This simple act would save so many lives. And save money to boot. And before you start saying that it this will not save lives, look at the amount of lives saved after the repeal of prohibition. People were dieing from tainted alcohol just as they are now from tainted drugs. The drugs would be regulated for strength and purity. There are plenty of rehab centers for those who become addicted to drugs or alcohol, but we don’t have any rehab for those who die from tainted drugs.

I have seen this subject debated many, many times and have yet to hear any persuading arguments for it to remain illegal. The fact of the matter is that it is a failed policy, imposing the beliefs and faults of the few on the many. It is very costly in terms of both lives and money. I think that the time is upon us.

Drugs, drugs and more Evil drugs, Obama, Calderon pledge cooperation on drug wars
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