DS game review, NintenDogs, puppy love.

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This is a great game for children of all ages, I bought it for my daughter because she kept going on about having a puppy, now I have had puppies in the past, and they are not clean. So I thought I would see if I could get away with buying her this game instead, and great for me it worked. It really is a great game for kids, they can basically take care of dogs, and you can adopt up to three dogs in your virtual home. If you have more time, you can even adopt more dogs, and keep them in the hotel, but this is pretty demanding on your time.

The idea of this game is to get your puppy to love you by being lovely and showing it care and affection. These happy puppies if treated properly, will then go and win some money for you in dog competitions. To really get a lot of enjoyment out of this game, you really have to let your imagination run away with the game, this may be a little harder for adults, but it comes naturally for children. There is a lot you have to do in order to keep your puppies happy, like walking, feeding, grooming, watering and most of all gaining the dogs affection. Once affection is achieved, they become easily trained in agility, catching and are very obedient.

Not only my daughter loved this game, but her mum was playing it a bit as well, and her cousin, and even me so it is a game which has been enjoyed by all the family. Winning the competitions is probably the most fun bit about this game NitenDogs, as you get money and new parts to the game start to unlock, which helps to keep this game interesting. Game play for this game is great, it is easy to do and simple to play, and the game itself is really pretty addictive. This is one DS game which I would highly recommend for kids, there imaginations, blended with the virtual puppies, make for a entertaining recipe.

I don’t think this game is only for kid’s though, because as I have already said, all the adults in our house have had some enjoyment out of it too. But to be honest, if you know somebody to old to have a pet, or to sick to meet the demands of a new puppy, then this could be perfect for them. As the game revolves around love and affection, this game could well fill a emotional need for plenty of people, who need a little love, or miss caring for someone or something special.

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DS game review, NintenDogs, puppy love., Seekyt
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