News Dubai: A Dynamic Place to Live!

Dubai: A Dynamic Place to Live!


Dubai is often cited as the “land of business opportunities” because it is among the fastest developing cities in the world; much of UAE’s economy owes itself to Dubai. It is has literally sprung up out of nowhere; what was just a barren desert little less than 4 decades ago has now transformed itself in to a fully fledged metropolitan city, with its skyline dominated by skyscrapers. Dubai is very modern city, which is notable for its tourist attractions; the Burj-Khalifa building in Dubai is currently the tallest building in the world. Dubai also has the world’s first tallest seven star hotel; The Burj-ul-Arab.

Dubailand is a brilliant residential scheme:

With such promising future prospects, Dubai is naturally a dream destination of millions of foreign expatriates who reside there. Thus, new residential housing schemes need to be built to accommodate the huge number of people who already live there, and people who will likely choose to live there in the future. The city’s existing infrastructure has undergone several major improvements and expansions. The growing trend in the real estate industry is to invest in apartment buildings, but small sized personal villas and luxury houses are also becoming increasingly more popular. Dubailand is just such a residential scheme comprising small villas.

Beautiful Villas in Dubailand:

Dubailand is currently being developed, but already it is home to more than 100,000 families owing to the speedy construction and finishing. The project is quite a massive one, with billions of Dirham having been invested in it. It comprises a large variety of predominantly small villas that include incredibly beautiful and luxurious Mediterranean style villas, Eco friendly villa sets, and Spanish styled haciendas, which are built amidst lush green lawns and landscapes. Some portion of it is also devoted to apartment buildings, thus Dubailand is an ideal place for families on a tight budget. It is one of the few housing schemes in Dubai that collectively caters to the needs of all kinds of classes; you will see even the very rich and posh people here, as well as middle class families. The added infrastructural requirements like shopping malls, schools, sporting arenas, cultural and entertainment attractions, all are civic amenities that appear throughout Dubailand.

Property Laws in Dubailand:

If you’re planning to look at Dubailand Villas from purely an investment perspective; then you can be assured that this will be a profitable venture for you. Property laws in UAE are now a much workable deal for foreigners. The new investment property laws in Dubai are designed to protect investors’ interests. Consider that you are investing your money in a developer who is creating a real estate project in Dubailand, before the new laws were in place; this developer could not be held accountable to reimburse any investments that were curtailed due to cancellation or delay in the completion of projects. But with the new law in place, the government holds the developer accountable, and he would be entitled to return any investor’s money that got lost in the way of delays or cancellation of project.

Dubai: A Dynamic Place to Live!
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