DUI Scooter After License Suspended

Are our roads safe when it’s become common place for some drivers to turn to what’s called a DUI scooter after their license gets suspended? When those drivers received a DUI conviction and had their drivers’ license suspended, having a way to get around became their number one priority. Many of them simply needed a way to get to work or run errands like picking up food at the grocery or visiting family and friends. Many drivers are turning to DUI scooters to solve their mobility problem after getting a DUI. But others say DUI scooters are a loophole that allows those convicted of DUI to avoid the full impact of their punishment.

Can You Drive a Scooter on a Suspended License?

Seeing a potential niche market, some scooter dealers began marketing their gas and electric scooters as DUI Scooters. These entrepreneurs had seen an opportunity to open a scooter store and make money even before this DUI niche market presented itself. While getting a DUI scooter from one of these dealerships may seem like a good deal, it could make the problem worse because you can be charged with driving without a license in some states.

DUI Scooter State Laws

Some states allow gopeds, mopeds, and scooters to be driven without a license but some other states require you to have a license to operate a motorized vehicle on public streets. So before you run out to get a DUI Scooter you need to know what’s required under your state law to operate a electric or gas scooter on the public streets where you drive. The Department of Motor Vehicles in your state is the best place to start.

They’ll See You Before You See Them

State highway patrols across the country are running high profile DUI advertising campaigns in order to discourage drinking and driving. The ads have emphasized how law enforcement officers will see you before you see them if you drive drunk. The highway patrol has placed an even greater emphasis on getting drunk drivers off of the road. But for those that get caught driving under the influence of alcohol or driving while intoxicated, they stand to have their licenses suspended and be left without transportation. Unfortunately, in spite of these efforts, drinking and driving deaths are still high.

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Know the Law

The misfortune of drivers that have their license suspended due to DUI/DWI is good for business for some scooter dealerships. Scooter dealerships need to sell scooters so they market scooters as DUI scooters whether they know what the law requires to operate a scooter or not. Again, they’re just trying to sell scooters. Laws are changing due to the growing number of people riding scooters and due to the increase in traffic incidents involving scooters. Some scooter dealerships claim DUI scooters are legal with certain restrictions. But if you purchase a scooter after a DUI conviction it’s still your responsibility to know and obey the law. If you get pulled over and charged with operating a scooter without a license the legal ramifications could be more serious if you previously had your license suspended for a DUI charge.

Loopholes and Limits

A DUI scooter may be a good option if you’ve lost your license to a DUI conviction and you live in a state that allows DUI Scooters. If not you may be fortunate enough to get a ride to work with a coworker or a friend or you may be able to get by without a having scooter. But if your license has been suspended for a number of years, having one of these scooters will give you a way to get around while paying your debt to society. Scooters aren’t good bad weather transportation though. If you live in a colder climate where there’s lots of snow and ice, a scooter obviously won’t do you much good during the fall and winter. They’re not as safe or fast or comfortable as a more traditional vehicle but they serve the purpose.

Registration and Insurance

Not to mention the money you save on gas and insurance. But once again, laws vary by state. While you should be able to save on gas anywhere, you may have to have your scooter registered and insured in some states. Take a look at the videos in this article and you’ll see how scooter laws are being enacted and revised all over the country.

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