Dunkin Donuts Oreo Donut

I do not get donuts often. I really don’t go to Dunkin Donuts very often to get donuts either. In fact I had never been to a Dunkin Donut store until about 2 years ago when my wife took me. My wife on the other hand loves to get the coffee they offer. She isn’t a big fan of donuts so she rarely ever gets any. Our 5 year old son loves to get the Munkins. He also likes to get any donut that has colorful frosting This morning we were at our local Dunkin Donut when I came across a new donut. Im not sure how long it has been out, it may have even been out far longer than I think, but it is certainly new to me. This new donut is the Oreo Creme donut. I did some research when I got home and it appears the Oreo Creme donut is actually an old donut but only comes out certain times of the year. Just seeing the donut made my mouth water. I had already ordered a Coffee Roll and a Boston Kreme. I almost didn’t order the Oreo Creme but I figured I would be disappointed if I left without trying it.

The Oreo Creme donut is similar to the Boston Kreme as far as looks but it has a completely unique taste. I am a big fan of Oreo and Oreo flavored products. I love Cookies and Creme Icecream which contains Oreo crumbles. The Oreo Creme donut is a yeast donut, filled with vanilla buttercreme, frosted in white icing and topped with OREO cookie crumble. The Boston Kreme donut is filled with creamy vanilla flavored custard filling. The top of a Boston Kreme donut is covered in a creamy chocolate.

If you are a fan of Cookies and Cream Icecream or a fan of Boston Kreme donuts or Eclaires then you should try the Oreo Creme donut. You will not be disappointed. I recommend pairing this donut with some iced Mocha coffee. The Mocha flavor in the coffee will help balance the flavor out. Overall I give the donut a 5 star rating. I also like the Coffee rolls and the Boston Kreme.