News Durable and Flexible Polyester Slings

Durable and Flexible Polyester Slings


Being PU impregnated CE/GS certified, the polyester slings with efficiency are provided as lifting equipments that are suitable for various industrial applications. A number of rigging, crane and heavy duty industries such as mining, transportation, aerospace, energy generation, mining, transportations, wind and several manufacturing industries use the polyester made lifting equipments in order to avoid the possibility of damage to the load during transit with their wider bearing surfaces. Additionally, for reducing the shock loading effects at a desired time, these polyester/nylon made equipments are designed with stretch characteristics. Furthermore, these slings are also used in all of the three hitches including basket, choker and vertical in an efficient and reliable manner.

Apart from this, these lifting equipments are embedded with reserved eyes, eye to eye and endless straps according to demand of various applications. Available in a plenty of specifications, sizes and colors, the safety factor for these equipments vary from a range of 5:1 to 8:1. Many different designs and sizes are available for these equipments so you can purchase these slings as per your designed requirements and needs. Moreover, the slings with an endless strap provide a facility to the user to load contact point and rotate the connections of slings as well. Many designs such as half twist eyes or flat eye are available for eye to eye straps of these equipments. In Addition, some of these lifting instruments are featured with metal end fittings.

With their cutting edge features such as light weight, strong, low elongation, acid proof, long lasting, flexible, hazard-less, heavy duty, user friendly as well as environment friendly tools for efficient lifting, these lifting items provides effective loading in trucks during the transportation of goods. You can get these equipments with best quality at competitive prices as these are fabricated as per the set quality standards according to their delicate nature and functions. Different kinds of polyester sling are sling Webbing Material and Lashing Webbing Material. The equipments are provided in proper packaging of shrinking foil by used as folded in multi-layers and then in carton boxes.

Available in various sizes, the lifting equipments are manufactured using high quality polyester and nylon material that provides them greater flexibility. With their abrasion resistant properties, these slings are compact and sophisticated to use for handing heavy weight materials. Apart from all this, you can avail these equipments with different model numbers and weights and the slings have a durable and reliable edge. Before purchasing a slings, you should check their conditions as they are break free, properly stitched or cut resistant. Being ISO certified, EastLink manufacture and support a wide variety of lifting equipments with cutting edge technologies.

Durable and Flexible Polyester Slings
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