Dust in the wind

We all are just pots of dust in the wind. We think we can make all engines work, all factories produce, all days become Christmas. But when an accident or illness hits us, we will realize that the devil is really black, and it takes a split-second to break one`s leg, but the healing is a slow and painful process. They say that everybody is replaceable. I came to the conclusion that we can`t replace a single cockroach we accidentally or purposefully crush. Let alone a human life. Existence is not defined by what there isn`t but by the meaning of creation, no matter what this word actually defines. Christ said 2000 years ago that we are utterly unable to make one single piece of our hair black or white, so we shouldn`t be trying to change the shape of a single stone. What about healthcare, or genetic engineering, someone might ask. I could reply that there are people who still believe that Buzz Aldrin made the Moon video somewhere in the Nevada desert. Not all gold that shines is it? A Buddhist anecdote goes like this: A priest sat all day, and committed himself to deep thinking. When his master, named Ma-Cu asked what he was doing, he said he wanted to become Buddha. Ma-Cu intantly picked up a stone and started hitting it to an other. When his pupil asked what was his purpose, he said he was trying to make a mirror. ‘ But you can`t make a mirror out of hitting two stones together!’- said the pupil. ‘ What made you believe you can ever get close to becoming Buddha?’- was Ma-Cu`s reply. I want to make the point that a baby will not learn to swim just because he was in water inside his mother`s belly. How could we ever make anything worthwile, when most people go to church because it is in fact a cathedral made of white marble and it is the size of a small town. Belief should be something coming from inside, a mature gesture of stamina that irradiates the notion of intelligence without being selfish or deplorable. Nietzsche, the black wolf said, that God was dead. But I think he was the one rotting from the inside.