Duties of the maid of honor

A wedding is a wonderful tradition. It is full of small rituals and ceremonies that are an integral part of our culture. Certainly, one of such rituals is choosing a bridesmaid. Usually, it is a woman very close to a bride, though not always related to her. In fact, it is becoming more and more popular to have a maid of honour from outside of a family. Being chosen for a bridesmaid is obviously a great honour and fun. However, this function is not only about splendour and prestige. The truth is, that this function obliges one to certain things and one has to do their best to meet the expectations. Lately, though, many untrue ideas have appeared as to real duties of a maid of honour.

What are these duties, then? Nowadays, the first and foremost obligation of a bridesmaid is to aid a bride-to-be in her part of preparations for a wedding. This includes giving advice, helping in looking for a perfect spot for a wedding reception, creating menu for guests, preparing church and reception venue decorations, and so on. The point is to take some burden off the future bride’s shoulders. This may also include a help with preparing events like a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or bridesmaids luncheon. Basically, it is obvious that organization of both wedding reception and such related events is very difficult when it comes to logistics and bridesmaid’s help with creating a guest list, or printing the invitations for that matter, is definitely going to be appreciated.

There are also smaller, though still very important, obligations. Probably the most important of them all is keeping groom’s ring safe until a wedding. It is a very common tradition that a bridesmaid is entrusted with this ring making her responsible for it until the time of a wedding. In this case, a best man is given ring of a bride.

One has to remember that a bridesmaid is under no obligation to cover all expenses related to holding this function. It is not tasteful to present a maid of honour with a list of demands and expect her to do it out of her free will. That is, obviously, the basic rule and in reality it always comes down to how a bride and her maid decide on these expenses. Traditionally, it was bride’s family that was to cover these costs. Nowadays, when this is no linger true, it became a custom to present a bridesmaid with an appropriate gift that will make up for her sacrifices. It is also a way of saying thank you by a bride. However, when it comes to bigger costs, such as organizing a bridal shower, it is always covered by a bride. You cannot expect your maid to buy expensive bridesmaid dresses, unless it is what you have both agreed upon.

Obviously, in practice, bridesmaids do a lot more for a bride. These are just her obligations dictated by etiquette and tradition. However, as a bride and her maid are often close friends, it is nothing out of the ordinary to see a bridesmaid to do things out of the list of basic duties just for the friendship’s sake.