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Which Dyson Air Multiplier is Best for You?

Are you interested in getting a unique and completely innovative bladeless Dyson air conditioner (aka as a Dyson air multiplier), but are still deciding on which is the right one (or ones) for you and your household? The following guide of Dyson air conditioner reviews (the complete range: AM01, AM02, AM02 Mini, AM03 & AM05) should be able to help give you a clearer idea as to what you’re after — specifically highlighting each Dyson air multiplier unit’s good and bad points as well as what they are primarily intended for. Ranging from Dyson portable air conditioners, to whole room ones as well as a Dyson air conditioner heater system (i.e Hot + Cool fans).

AM01: Portable Air Conditioner Review

The Dyson AM01 is the smallest of the Dyson air conditioners (although arguably more of a fan in this instance) and is largely intended for personal usage — usually at a work desk or bedside table, keeping you nice and cool whilst you are working or reading etc. Also, because it is so small (either available as a 10′ model or 12′ model) & light, it is the best Dyson portable air conditioner, with it being easily transportable from one room to the next.

Rating: 84% | Dimensions: 55 x 36 x 15 cm | Weight: 4 lbs

Specifically it is capable of projecting a smooth & constant air flow, by drawing in over 7 gallons of air every single second & then amplifying it up 15 times. You can angle the projected air stream through its touch tilt feature (that swings ten degrees either way) with it also oscillating on a 90 degrees basis. it is powered via a cord, that measures 1.8 m.

Best Price: $150 | Intended Use: Personal Air Conditioning | Warranty: 2 Years

Dyson Portable Air Conditioner Review: it is classic Dyson, they have combined practicality with style. It produces a quiet clean, non buffeted air flow (a highly quality air cooling system) but is capable of ‘adding to any room’s decor’ (available in a range of different colors), not uglying up the place like other fans & air conditioners. Note, that new models have undergone new acoustic engineering to reduce and improve sound quality.

Dyson Air Conditioner ‘How it Works’

AM02: Tower Fan Air Conditioner Review

Perhaps my favorite Dyson air conditioner unit, being the most capable of saving money — where if you use it, along side your built-in air conditioning systems you can ‘lower energy bills up to 20%‘, eventually paying for itself soon. Like the AM01, it is beautifully designed being completely bladeless (that offers a range of benefits e.g. safe for children, easy to clean and opens up the place more).

Rating: 80% | Dimensions: 100 x 11 x 19 cm | Weight: 13 lbs

This Dyson air multiplier is ideal for whole room cooling, so needs to be situated in a dining room, living room type area (you can also get a mini version of the AM02 too, offers the same power, just slightly shorter). The most powerful of the lot, overall, it draws in a fair amount at just over 9.5 gallons of air per second then projects it at 14 times, spreading a cooling & comforting air flow over the entire room (working on a 90 degree oscillation). It’s precise air flow settings can be controlled via the magnetic remote & dimmer switch. Cord length: 2 meters.

Best Price: $350 | Intended Use: Whole Room | Warranty: 2 Years

The remote control is a big selling point for this unit, given that you don’t have to get up from the sofa to change the settings and the fact that it sits nicely with the curvature of the Dyson AM02 air multiplier itself. An all round quality air conditioner.

AM03: Pedestal Dyson Air Conditioner Review

A similar model to the AM02, is the AM03 pedestal Dyson air multiplier that acts to also completely cool down entire rooms. The significant difference however, comes with the more powerful focused air flow that it produces — making it in turn the best for high powered cooling. It draws in just below 9 gallons of air per second but then amplifies it up to 18 times.

Rating: 80% | Dimensions: 141 x 45 x 18 cm | Weight: 14 lbs

Like, the AM02, you can set it to the precise velocity setting (unlike most fan units which have three, which further proves these air multipliers are sort of a cross between fans and air conditioning units) via a remote. You have a lot more control over the air flow trajectory as well, being able to alter its height, the tilt and its oscillation (of 360 degrees). Perfectly suited for a bedroom. It is also whisper quiet. Cord length: 2 meters.

Best Price: $375 | Intended Use: Whole Room Cooling | Warranty: 2 years

A great model, with the key highlights being its ability to adjust every component and strong and focused air flow. Also, looks amazing, like some kind of futuristic, alien, modern arty sculpture.

AM05: Dyson Air Conditioner and Heater Review

The AM05 officially replaced the AM04, to be the only Dyson air conditioner that doubles up with a heater system. Specifically, it acts as a personal air multiplier (slightly less strong than the AM01), drawing in as much as 6 gallons of air every second and then projecting it up to 7 times. But, it works as a full room heater system through the PTC heater & intelligent thermostat integrated working to quickly & effectively warm up a room uniformly.

Rating: 86% | Dimensions: 58 x 15 x 20 cm | Weight: 5 lbs

It is incredibly well thought out. For instance, the internal component never reach a temp over 275 degrees F, so it can never cause that burning smell you get with other ceramic space heaters. Moreover, you can set it to the precise degree as to the temperature you want it to warm up to (within a range of 1 to 37 degrees C (which you can see via the LED display system integrated). Also, if gets knocked over, it will auto shut off. Like the AM01 it works on a touch tilt mechanism to direct the air flow and has an oscillation of 80 degrees.

Best Price: $380 | Intended Use: Personal Fan & Room Heating | Warranty: 2 years.

This is the best Dyson air conditioning unit in terms of value for money, as you are getting a two-in-one product essentially. Moreover, it comes with all extras like that of the AM02 & AM03 but its own intuitive features as well. You will get much more use out of it, as it can be used throughout the seasons; winter (heating) & summer (cooling). It is available in a range of colors, the Black & Nickel looks pretty darn sleek though.

Which Dyson Air Conditioner Will You Get?

Each Dyson air conditioning unit has its own slightly different unique selling points and specific jobs that it was designed for, so it really depends on what are you in need of most? However, as said above, the best overall unit in my view — representing the best value for money is the Dyson AM05. But which do you like best and why (let me know in the comments below)?

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the overview of Dyson Air Conditioner reviews (either about the article in general or about specific units) then please make them below. Also, if you have found this article useful at all, please do be sure to give it a like (heart) or share — will be very much appreciated.

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