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Dyson AM04 or AM05 – Review and Pricing

If you are considering a standalone space heater and you are considering, either the revolutionary Dyson AM04 or AM05? You should consider the various features and specifications of the two ‘Hot + Cool’ air multipliers from Dyson — the original AM04 against the updated AM05 — and see whether the ‘extra cost’ is justified with the AM05. In turn, giving you a clearer idea as to which model is the best fit for your environment and your budget.

Safety First, The Dyson AM04 and AM05 Recall

There were a few instances of short-circuiting but no instances of property damage or injuries. However, both models were recalled by Dyson, as they implemented a free engineering fix. You can find out more about the Dyson AM04 or AM05 recall here, and about their free service to fix and clean your machine and return it to you with no charge.

Dyson AM04 Function and Performance

Dyson claim for their Hot + Cool bladeless fans to provide the ‘fastest whole room heating in winter & smooth cool air in summer’ — basically a personal table fan & whole room heater. It draws in up to 5.29 gallons of air every second & then amplifies it by up to 6 times, producing a smooth (non-buffeting) & quality air flow. Moreover, with the heating & cooling air flow mechanism you can select the setting to the precise level (e.g. to the degree or to a certain velocity).

Specifications & Design

As with all Dyson products, the AM04 takes on a unique, sleek and modern look (dimensions: 7.8 by 7.9 by 22.8 inches, weight: roughly 6 lbs) and is available in a range of colors (e.g. white/silver, iron/blue) to match its environment. It also hosts a range of clever touches e.g. being able to be controlled via a remote (which can be attached to the air multiplier as it is magnetic) & of course the LED user interface, also if gets knocked over — it automatically shuts off and can never produce any burning smells (like you get with standard ceramic & room heaters).

dyson am07

AM05 Overview

Function & Performance

As expected with an upgrade & re-configuration of a product, there have been a few improvements made with the AM05 — most notably that this model is now currently the model that produces the ‘fastest whole-room heating‘ device due to air multiplier technology used for even & long range heat projection. It can draw in a little more air (6 gallons of air) than the AM04 and hence is capable of providing a more powerful cooling air flow (particularly in its use as a standard table fan). The AM05 also uses the intelligent thermostat to hover around the precise degree that you set it too.

Specifications & Design

When considering the design of the Dyson AM04 or AM05, the machines are still very much the same — they still take on the same bladeless design (that offers several benefits in itself: i. easy to clean, ii. safe, iii. a ‘cool’ talking point), although it is somewhat lighter at around 5.5 lbs but still offers the same cord length of 5.9 ft. The AM05 also offers a range of added color schemes too: nickel, black, blue etc. Also, note that it still offers the extended range remote control etc. and that Dyson provide a two year warranty guarantee scheme when you purchase the AM05 new.

Dyson AM04 or AM05 – The Key Differences

As you can see, the only real difference (which was as expected really) is that the AM05 simply does the job that ‘bit’ better than the AM04 — with a more profound air flow being produced. You may also realize that Dyson.com only now sell the AM05 & have dropped the AM04.

Which Air Multiplier Should You Get the AM04 or AM05?

It is a matter of price really — if the AM04 is far cheaper than the AM05, then I’d go for the AM04. However, the more likely case is that they are either hovering around the same price or the AM04 is only a little bit cheaper and in which case I’d say you should opt for the AM05 as you will get a far better overall performance from it & from that — greater satisfaction.

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