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Dyson AM05 Refurbished: Best Places to Buy a Reconditioned AM05

Where to Buy a Refurbished Dyson AM05?

Do you really want Dyson’s innovative AM05 heat + cool (fan & heater) device, however are a bit taken a back by its price tag of around $400? Pretty understandable really. But, by looking to buy a refurbished or reconditioned Dyson AM05 that has been previously broken and then ‘fixed, making it just like new again’, you can get a seriously decent discount on it (by up to 60%). The issue is finding a AM05 refurbished model to buy, this is where this article hopes to help you out — by pointing you in the direction of the best places to look online.

#1 First Place to Look: Amazon.com

The super massive online retailer is where you are going to have most luck in in finding a Dyson AM05 refurbished (even with a quick search just now, I have come across 5 different remanfucatured AM05 models in white/silver & black/nickel, all being sold by well trusted retailers).

The reasoning behind heading to Amazon is because of the large third party sellers participation they have there. Whereby individuals and independent companies who specialize in fixing, repairing fans and Dyson products (who have been officially repaired by Dyson themselves) will ‘sell through’ them directly, hence allowing you to view a greater option of ‘sales’ in just one place.

Just remember to keep an eye on the seller’s rating as well as exactly what refurbished Dyson warranty you are provided with (usually around the 6 months mark). Also, you can’t be too picky with regards to color (unless you are pretty patient), but you can get some absolute bargains here. Just go straight through to the AM05’s home page on Amazon and look for the refurbished listing prices.

#2 Head Over to the World’s Carboot: eBay.com

Another great place to find a lot of reconditioned Dyson AM05 heater fans is over at ebay. This is the major other option that third party sellers have when retailing refurbished units (rather than going through amazon). All you have to do, is a quick search with a term like ‘Dyson AM05 refurbished’ and you will get a fairly decent range of units to choose from.

Be sure to inspect a few things before committing to buying one straight out though first. For instance, the usual ‘sale’ price’, by looking at past ones have gone for (seems as of now to be around just above the $250 mark — but if you are patient enough you can get it even cheaper), how well rated the seller is, does the product come in the original packaging etc. In all, this is where you are likely to get the best price on a refurbished Dyson heater & fan AM05.

#3 Check Out Overstock.com & Dyson Outlet

This is one of my favorite online retailers to head to & pick up cheap refurbished products. They have a special section dedicated to selling just Dyson refurbished goods (all their vacuums & other air multipliers) and you will find a fair amount of AM05s to choose from.

Moreover, because you are buying from overstock.com directly, they have a very decent customer service support system. So if you aren’t happy with the Dyson AM05 then getting a refund & returning the product back to them etc. will be easier to deal with then the other two options (particularly #2) and you are fully protected.

Also, they are a great option for those who are outside of the US, given they are willing to commit to shipping to around 91 countries around the world.

#4 Back to Dyson.com (hidden offers zone)

You might have already checked out the manufacturer’s website already, but you have likely missed their somewhat ‘hidden’ ‘Special Offers Section’ where they hold special discounts on some of their goods (e.g. for a limited period only, you can 20% off) as well as selling refurbished Dyson products. To find it, simply search for ‘Dyson Promotions’ — providing you with ‘Exclusive Offers when you buy online direct from Dyson’ and offer you free delivery & an awesome customer service team.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the guide on finding a Dyson AM05 refurbished then please them below. Also, if you’ve found this article useful at all, please be sure to give it a like (heart) or share — will be much appreciated.

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