Dyson AM05 Vs AM06 – Which to Get?

Are you interested in investing in a Dyson air multiplier, specifically either a Dyson AM05 or AM06, however you are a bit unsure over the exact differences between the two bladeless fans and basically which is the best one to get? Well, this comparison overview will be able to help you out through go over the basic & more advanced attributes of each.

Dyson AM05 Review

The Dyson AM05 is the ‘hot + cool’ air multiplier, whereby it is intended for whole room heating during the winter months (when it is cold) using itsair multiplier technology in conjunction with a ceramic heater to quickly and efficiently provide an even heating across a bedroom, living room etc. (you can select the precise temp through its intelligent thermostant monitor).

Then during the summer months it can be used as a ‘personal cooling fan’, being based on a work desk to help cool you down whilst you are working on a project in hand — all its settings can be altered throughthe magnetic remote control that comes with it. So the AM05 heater & fan obviously lends itself as a more versatile appliance than the other Dyson air multipliers given that it will prove useful in both the summer and winter months.

Dyson AM06 Review

The AM06 on the other hand is just the new updated bladeless desk fan. It is a lot more powerful with regards to air flow cooling velocity than the AM05, but works on pretty much the same principle of Dyson’s air multiplier technology (that utilizes the processes of inducement and entrainment). You will also find that it is a fair bit quieter in operation than the AM05 due to the new helmholtz cavity it has installed to capture and prevent audible noise from escaping (hence will prove less of distraction whilst you are working).

Moreover, as table fans the AM06 is also more ‘power efficient’ given the engineering triumphs achieved with re-modelling the airflow channels and integrated aerodynamic diffuser. It is also installed with a sleeper time program, where you can program the AM06 to automatically shut offer after a set time period between just 15 minutes and 9 hours. The AM06 (unlike its predecessor the AM01) also now comes with a remote control, saving you the hassle to ever get off the couch or out of your seat to alter the settings).

Should You Buy the AM05 or AM06?

Well it basically comes down to — which do you need most? A table fan? If so the AM06 lends itself as by far the superior model in this regard, being far quieter and simply much more capable in providing you with a more comforting airflow than the AM05. But, if you need a heater as well? Then the AM05 is the way to go, given that it can warm up a room evenly more effectively & efficiently than any other space heater out there. It is also more versatile than the AM06 — this being said, this is reflected in the price.

Both take on quite a similar design and are available in a range of different finishes to match your room’s decor. Let me know which Dyson air multiplier you go for the AM05 or AM06 and why? Moreover, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison overview fo the Dyson AM05 Vs AM06 (with regards to specific details) then please do let me know in the comments below.