News Dyson AM06 Best Price & An Honest Review

Dyson AM06 Best Price & An Honest Review


Are you looking to invest in a new Dyson bladeless desk fan — the AM06 — however are a bit taken back by how expensive it is to buy new, around the $300 mark and so you are now on the hunt for the Dyson DC65 best price? If so, this guide will be able to help you find it through offering a list of the top places to go which usually hold the cheapest price for new Dyson products (and the AM06 won’t be any different).

Firstly, though just a few ‘positive’ thoughts on how good the AM06 actually is.

This is the new Dyson table fan that essentially replaces the AM01, whereby Dyson engineers have made quite a significant amount of very decent improvements to it. Firstly, they have re-modelled the pathways to ensure it is more efficient this has resulted in not only the AM06 being capable of a stronger airflow velocity but also more power efficient (by up to 40%). Moreover, they have addressed a lot of the complaints towards the AM01, being decent, but was too loud, they have done this through an array of acoustic engineering implementations, the main one being the helmholtz cavity integrated which captures noise produced via the motor — in all managing reduce the decibel level produced by 75%.

They have also updated the AM06 too, adding a magnetic remote control to it (which the AM01 didn’t have) so you can alter air flow settings and oscillation without ever getting up from the sofa. Moreover, they haveadded a sleeper timer feature as well where the AM06 will shut off after a set period of use (between 15 minutes and 9 hours). In all, although it might not look, like Dyson have done ‘a lot’ to it, they have made some fairly signficant improvements when compared to the AM01 table/desk fan (again it is available both as a 10 inch & 12 inch version and in array of different finishes).

#1 Head Over to

This world wide massive online super store regularly buys Dyson products on bulk and then passes the discount on to its customer, there is no reason why the AM06 wouldn’t also be on sale at a discount. Moreover, you will find that third party sellers who will specialize in Dyson products or fans like to sell retail through them as well, so you may even find an even cheaper deal that way as well.

You can also find the AM06 will be available in range of ‘conditions’ on, whether it be refurbished (via Dyson themselves and then sold online) or ‘used’ and second hand but is still ‘in like new’ condition. So as you can see this would definitely be my first point of call in finding a cheap price for the Dyson AM06.

#2 Visit the Massive Carboot Sale:

This online carboot of the US will be your next best bet in finding the cheapest price for the AM06. Whether they already have been given an AM06 as a gift beforehand or they simply aren’t keen on it — there is simply a whole list of reasons why people would put up an AM06 in like new condition with the box never having been opened. Again, you will find that you can get a very good price, significantly cheaper than the $300 being quoted to get one newly.

#3 Go Back to the Manufacturer

I know this sounds slightly illogical as you have probably just been to and found out that they are selling it rather expensively. However, you might have missed their special discount section where they regularly are holding ‘deals and offers’ — such as a discount of 20% on all Dyson fans for a limited time only or you get a free Dyson accessory and tool when you get a brand new AM06 for instance.

Dyson AM06 Best Price & An Honest Review
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