Dyson AM08 Best Price & An Honest Pedestal Fan Review

Are you wanting to buy Dyson’s super cool and unique bladeless pedestal fan — the AM08 — to help you get to sleep on a hot summer’s night, however are a bit taken price by its recommended retail price of about $450, so you are trying to find the Dyson AM08 best price? Well, don’t worry this guide aims to help you in finding the cheapest price for the AM08 by providing you with a few tactics and exactly where to go to find it at cheaper & discounted price.

Before I share with you, on how to about finding the AM08 best price, I wanted to provide you with a quick Dyson AM08 review. As you already may know, the AM08 is a top quality pedestal fan that has been recently released by Dyson to replace the older AM03 model.

Whereby it has undergone a series of improvements in pretty much all the fundamental components of a fan or (Dyson air conditioner) — whereby it is now much quieter in operation (which is a great plus given its primary role is to be used to keep you cool whilst you are trying to get to sleep & operate at whisper quiet noise levels) due to the helmholtz cavity integrated. It is also a fair bit more powerful than the previous AM03 model and more energy efficient given the new remodeling of airflow paths etc. In although, it literally serves as the ‘best’ quiet fan for the bedroom — as it generates a high quality (non-irritable) air flow (unlike traditional fans) and is practically silent (so the noise won’t keep you awake either).

#1 Go and Head Over to Amazon.com

This would definitely be the first place that I’d advise you to go, given that it is the best chance you have at finding the AM08 best price. As you may have realize when you are searching for the AM08 through amazon, they already have a lot of Dyson products in stock — all at significantly discounted price, this is because they buy the stock in bulk and then pass on the discount. The AM08 certainly won’t be any different.

You will also find a lot of third party sellers like to trade through Amazon these are individuals or companies that will either specialize in trading in fans or Dyson products in general and will try to undercut Amazon’s original (already discounted price). So heading to amazon, is much like going to a market place where they all sell the same product.

#2 The Next Point of Call Would be eBay.com

The huge auction house of the world is a great place in general to pick up Dyson vacuum cleaners and fans for a very cheap price. The AM08 certainly won’t be any different (as you can already find the AM03 for a considerably discounted price). Most will be in brand new condition and still in the box. Certainly worth a point of call.

#3 Head Back to Dyson.com

Although this may sound rather stupid, given that you might have already come from there or that ‘why would the manufacturer’ sell their products from their home website at a discounted price? Well what many people miss, when they go shopping there is the special hidden promotions section — where they regularly hold special discount codes, vouchers and limited time offers there where you could end up with getting a 20% discount of extended warranty on the AM08.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the showcase account of finding the Dyson AM08 best price then please make them in the comments below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.