Dyson DC24 Vs DC65: Comparing the DC24 & DC65

DC24 or DC65 – Which is Best for You?

Are you trying to figure out which is right Dyson vacuum cleaner for you and/or are wanting to know exactly what the differences are between the DC24 and new DC65 (and from that which one to get)? If so, you’ve come to the right comparison guide: DC24 Vs DC65, that will firstly provide you with a brief overview of each, so you know exactly what each has to offer you. Then this will be followed up by a section that highlights the significant variations on the two whilst offering advice on what type of household and user each Dyson would be best suited for.

Dyson DC24 Upright Review

Design & Practical Features

The Dyson DC24 (priced at under $300) is designed as an ultra & lightweight compact upright vacuum cleaner, being targeted at those with small apartments and flats (so due to it being so small, it won’t take up much storage space). This of course offers the significant advantage in maneuverability, given that it only weighs 5.4 kg and is also fitted with the Dyson ball, so can be literally turned on a dime (also perfect for those who are after a featherweight vacuum, due to mobility issues etc.). The consequence of it being so small though its limited practical specifications e.g. a bin capacity of just 0.19 gallons and max reach of just under 30 ft (hose: 8.7 ft & cord: 20 ft). So as stated, this is only really manufactured for those with a small apartment or flat.

Cleaning Performance & Technology

Moreover, because it is so small, it doesn’t much in the way of cleaning power either. It generates a 100 Air watts of suction power and is fitted with Dyson’s unique root cyclone technology (so it won’t lose suction, as it picks up more dirt etc.) — so it is fairly decent at picking up most debris & dirt across all floor types. But, don’t however, expect it to produce a cleaning performance like that of a standard vacuum cleaner (this being said, if ‘just that’ is what you are after, an ultra compact vacuum with a very decent cleaning power, like that of standard vacuums, look to the Dyson DC50 Animal).

Accessories & Attachments

You can get either the DC24 multi-floor that comes with a combination tool & stair tool or the DC24 animal that offers those as well as a specialized pet hair motorized turbine (an effective device for removing pet hair from a range of surfaces). Note, that you can buy additional attachments etc. for it separately to improve the cleaning functionality of it even further e.g. with specialized cleaning accessory bundles like the Dyson allergy & asthma kit.

Rating: 70% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 11.3 x 11.8 x 23.6 inches | Weight: 11.6 lbs

Dyson DC65 Upright Review

Design & Practical Features

The DC65 (available from under $500) is almost in complete contrast to the DC24. It is a full sized cleaning titan. Manufactured for the sole purpose of cleaning large American homes & is pretty much the ultimate in the upright vacuum cleaning world. In practical terms however, it takes on the exact same aspects as its predecessor the Dyson DC41. It weighs in at over 17 lbs but is fitted with the latest & updated Dyson ball technology, so is a complete dream to use. Also, because it is intended for vacuuming mid to large sized homes, the practical specifications are extensive with a max reach of over 50 ft and a bin capacity of 0.55 gallons (which is of course fitted with the one button press hygienic release mechanism).

Cleaning Performance & Technology

The DC65 is proven to ‘clean better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors‘, this is a result of several significant factors & engineering triumphs achieved by Dyson. Firstly, it offers a huge 245 Air watts of pure suction power (almost 2.5 times that of the DC24), the very latest Radial root cyclone technology (so it can generate huge centrifugal forces that can pick up microscopic dust particles), the state-of-the-art self adjusting cleaner head (that optimizes the cleaning performance depending on the floor type being cleaned) that is also installed with the re-configured brush bar (that applies 25% more power than any other model). In all, the DC65 is a complete powerhouse and for 2014 is the most powerful upright vacuum (by far) on the market.

Accessories & Attachments

There are three different versions of the DC65 (find out more on the differences between them here). The multi-floor that comes with the standard accessory set (combination tool & stair tool) and the animal which also offers the extremely well regarded pet hair tool, the tangle free turbine tool. Then there is the ultimate Dyson vacuum, the Animal Complete that offers no less than 8 additional attachments, an incredible cleaning machine.

Rating: 98% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 42.4 x 13.4 x 15.4 inches | Weight: 17.35 lbs

What’s the Difference Between the DC24 and DC65?

As you can see the DC24 and DC65 are pretty much in complete contrast to one another. One isn’t all that powerful (being fitted with relatively old Dyson technology), the other is the most powerful upright vacuum to exist on the domestic market (with literally all the very latest & advanced machinery available). One is for cleaning a small flat or apartment, the other is for a large house.

Which Dyson Vacuum Should You Buy the DC24 or DC65?

it basically depends on what you plan to use the Dyson vacuum for. If you have a little flat or apartment, the DC24 is much better suited, given it can be easily stored away & doesn’t need a long cord length (mind you better still for that job, would be a Dyson DC50 animal). But, if you have a mid to large sized house, then as detailed above, the DC65 is essentially your dream vacuum.

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