Dyson DC25 Vs DC40: Comparing the DC25 and DC40

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DC25 or DC40 – Which is Best for You?

The following brief yet informative comparison guide will be able to quickly help you get a clear understanding as to what each Dyson vacuum (the DC25 and DC40) can offer you — from which you will be able to make a more informed decision as to which Dyson vacuum is best suited to cleaning your home (with an appreciation of their respective price tags).

DC25 Overview

Design & Practical Features

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The DC25 is a ‘mid-sized’ compact vacuum cleaner and hence only measures at: 107.8 by 31 by 39.2 cm and weighs in at just 7.3 kg — moreover, because it is integrated with a Dyson Ball, it makes the DC25 very easy to maneuver & easy-to-use. Furthermore, the practical specifications are surprisingly not that limited given its size with a bin capacity of 1.38 liters as well as max reach of just under 20 m (combining both the cord length: 7.5 + telescope reach: 12.3 m).

Cleaning Performance

With regards to its cleaning performance, it is fairly decent with the motor offering you a suction power of up to 220 Air watts of constant suction in conjunction with its unique Root Cyclone technology — which in turn prevents the vacuum from suffering with loss of suction as well as being able to pick up microscopic dust particles etc.

Accessories & Attachments

The accessories that come with the DC25 multi-floor are as standard really: the combination tool (which allows you to vacuum tight gaps & enabled powered dusting), a stair tool. & up-top tool (if your purchase directly from Dyson). Moreover, if you get the DC25 Animal you will also receive the basic pet motorized tool (for efficient pick up of pet hair).

DC40 Overview

Design & Practical Features

Upon closer inspection, you may realize that the DC40 is actually an update to that of the DC25 and hence takes on a similar ergonomic design (dimensions: 107 by 35 by 31 cm), however is a bit lighter at 6.7 kilograms as well as being integrated with the updated Dyson Ball technology (and hence even easier to vacuum with). Yet, improvements have been made to the practical specifications too: with a bin size of 1.6 liters as well as a slightly longer max reach (still under 20 m, with the cord length: 7.5 m + telescope reach 12.4 m).

Cleaning Performance

You will see that despite the DC40 only being capable of generating 200 Air Watts (20 Air watts less than the DC25) it has been installed with the updated ‘Radial Root Cyclone technology’ (allowing it to generate far greater centrifugal forces, making it essentially more efficient in picking up debris etc.) as well as an re-configured cleaner head (automatically adjusts to floor type etc.), resulting in the DC40 actually being the ‘better’ cleaning machine.

Accessories & Attachments

Again, the attachments are practically the same — with the DC40 Multi-floor (aka the Dyson DC40 Origin — just go with whichever is cheapest, as they’re exactly the same) coming with the combination tool & stair tool, but the DC40 Animal does come with the advanced tangle free turbine tool as well. Note: you can buy further accessories for the DC25 and DC40 separately from Dyson.com e.g. the Dyson Home Cleaning Kit (ft. the soft dusting tool brush, stiff bristle brush etc.)

The Difference Between the DC25 and DC40

As you can see they are both mid-sized vacuums, so are intended for cleaning small to mid sized houses (if you have a flat or apartment you are better off looking at the Dyson DC50 or even potentially a new cordless Digital Slim e.g. a DC44 or DC59 & if you live in a particularly large house, I recommend you check out the full-sized Dyson DC41).

However, there are some subtle differences & improvements (as expected with an update to a vacuum) that comes with the DC40, notably the improved cleaning performance, added ‘ease of mobility’ and larger bin storage capacity — all contributing towards it being by far the better upright cleaning machine.

You should note: that when bought new (either the DC25 or DC40) they will receive a 5 year warranty scheme & are installed with specialized filters to prevent allergens & dust from being expelled into the air whilst you are vacuuming.

Which Dyson Vacuum Should You Get the DC25 or DC40?

Obviously, I’d advise you to go with the DC40 over the DC25 — if you check online retailers e.g. Amazon.com, you will actually find that they are similarly priced now (sometimes the DC40 is marginally more expensive by around $50 plus — but even then the DC40 is definitely worth it, given how much easier it will make your vacuuming life).

Finally, if you have any questions or comments about the comparison of the DC25 Vs DC40 then please make them below.

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