Dyson DC25 Vs DC50: Comparing the DC25 and DC50

DC25 or DC50 – Which is Best for You?

This account will compare two compact Dyson Ball upright vacuums — the DC25 Vs DC50. To help you decide on the right model for you, we will provide a brief overview of both — allowing you to see exactly what each model can offer you and then go on to highlight their differences, from this you will then be able to clearly identify which best suits your cleaning needs & preferences (whilst taking into account their respective price tags & hence value for money).

Dyson DC25 Overview

Design & Practical Features

Like all Dyson products, the DC25 is unique, stylish yet practical — it weighs just 7.3 kg and is fitted with Dyson ball technology for easy vacuuming in and around corners (where it allows you to essentially turn on the spot). With regards to specifications it is integrated with a bin capacity of just under 1.4 liters and provides you with a max reach of just under 20 meters (telescope reach: 12.3 m + cord length: 7.5 m)

Dimensions: 107.8 by 31 by 39.2 cm

Cleaning Performance

It is integrated with the basic Root Cyclone technology but can generate an impressive 220 Air watts, these factors coupled with the motorized brush bar in the cleaner head — allows it to effectively remove dust, dirt and pet hair from all floor with ease.

Accessories & Attachments

The multi-floor version of the DC25 comes with a combination tool (that is basically a crevice tool for vacuuming tight gaps and areas that can double up with a brush nozzle for powered dusting) and quick-draw stair tool. The Animal version comes with the very well regarded and popular tangle free turbine tool for incredible effectiveness in removing pet hair.

Rating: 82% from over 850 reviews (sourced: amazon.com) | Warranty: 5 years

Dyson DC50 Overview

Design & Practical Features

The DC50 takes on a similar design structure to the DC25, although is a bit more compact & lighter (a featherweight at just 5.4 kg, making it Dyson’s lightest upright) — but is fitted with an updated version of the Dyson Ball, making the DC50 very, very easy to clean with (perfect for those with mobility issues etc.).

Its size does limit the practical specifications however, with the bin capacity being just 0.8 liters and a max reach of just over 16 m (telescope reach: 8.7 m + cord length: 7.6 m). So where the DC25 can be used for small houses to mid sized apartments & flats, the DC50 is better suited to just small flats etc.

Dimensions: 106.4 by 28 by 35.4 cm

Cleaning Performance

Although, the DC50 is small – because it has been crammed with the latest Dyson technology e.g. the powerful self adjusting cleaner head, latest gen two tier radial root cyclone technology and a 140 Air watts of constant suction – Dyson claim that it can suck up dust ‘as’ well as a standard upright.

Accessories & Attachments

Again, like the DC25 – if you get a multi floor version of the DC50, you will get a combination tool & crevice tool and if you get the DC50 Animal, it will also come with a tangle free pet hair tool.

Rating: 84% from over 75 reviews (sourced: amazon.com) | Warranty: 5 years

The Difference Between the DC25 and DC50

There are a few subtle differences, the DC25 offers slightly larger practical specifications (e.g. longer cord, bigger bin capacity) and despite the DC50 being a very powerful vacuum cleaner, the DC25 does it edge it in this regard too (taking the overall aspects into account) — this being said it is heavier and larger than the DC50.

Which Dyson Vacuum Should You Buy the DC25 or DC50?

Both models are essentially compact vacuum cleaners designed to clean an apartment or flat — however the DC25 is more of a mid-size vacuum, hence meant for the larger apartment (or even a small house) in contrast to the DC50 which is perfect for dealing with a particularly small flat (due to being so easy to store etc.). But, which model will you get and why?

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