Dyson DC34 Vs DC58: Comparing the DC34 and DC58

DC34 Vs DC58 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will quickly compare the two powerful handheld vacuums from Dyson, the DC34 and the new DC58, providing you with with a quick overview of the two models — so you can get a clear idea as to what each can offer you. We will then go on to briefly highlight their major differences (and similarities) so you can easily identify whether the DC34 or DC58 is best for you (along with an appreciation of their respective price tags).

DC34 Overview

As with all Dyson products, the DC34 is ergonomically designed with it being light (with a weight of 1.3 kg, which is mainly distributed in the handle to give an added sense of lightness), modern and compact (dimensions: 20.5 by 11.5 by 32.2 cm) and is capable of storing up to 0.35 liters of debris & dirt in its bin capacity.

Moreover, Dyson claims (apart from the DC58) that it was capable of producing ‘twice the suction power of any other handheld in use‘ which was mainly attributable to its unique Dyson root cyclone technology (that generates high centrifugal forces in order to capture microscopic dirt & dust particles) as well as its efficient V2 Digital motor. Specifically, the DC34 offers two cleaning modes: ‘standard‘ where it generates 28 Air Watts of constant suction power (lasting up to 15 minutes) and ‘boost‘ where it can reach up to 65 Air Watts (lasting for 6 minutes).

The DC34 multi-floor comes with a combination tool (for powered dusting essentially) & crevice tool (to get into tight gaps) a 22.2 volt lit-ion battery charger (capable of charging it from dead to full within just 3.5 hours). Moreover, when bought new the DC34 is backed with a two year warranty guarantee as is fitted with specialized filters to capture & prevent allergens and dust particles from being expelled into the air whilst vacuuming. In all, the DC34 is a great cleaning device for cleaning those tricky & tight situations (e.g. cars, stairs etc.).

DC58 Overview

This model is essentially the update to the DC34 and takes on a similar, yet slightly larger & heavier (yet still light) design (dimensions: 20.8 by 14 by 39.5 cm & weighs 1.57 kg) and hence is capable of storing more dirt (up to 0.4 liters) and utilizes the same hygienic one but press release system.

But, the real change is in its vast improvement in cleaning performance — due to several improvements, namely an even more efficient V6 Digital motor, a re-configured Cobalt battery (supplying an extra 50% of power compared to the 22.2 volt lit-ion) and is also installed with the very latest Two-tier radial root cyclone technology. This allows the DC58 to produce the normal 28 Air Watts on standard mode (for up to 26 minutes) but also a huge 100 Air Watts (for 6 minutes) on boost mode.

Moreover, as it is only available in the Animal version — it comes with a combination tool, crevice tool and pet motorized tool for efficient pick up of pet hair (which operates for 17 minutes) — as well as a battery charger (which takes 5 hours to charge it from dead to full).

The Difference Between the DC34 and DC58

So to summarize quite a few changes have been made, the DC58 is slightly bigger & heavier than the DC58, but it is capable of holding more dirt and dust. Moreover, it is significantly more powerful in the boost mode and has a far greater run time — and has made overall improvements in its cleaning performance. Also, consideration can be given to the fact if you have a pet hair problem, the DC58 is by far the more appropriate machine to deal with it due to the mini motorized pet hair tool.

Which Dyson Handheld Should You Buy the DC34 or DC58?

Given, the above and the difference in price of around $80 (currently) — for me, I’d say the DC58 is definitely worth it — having a more powerful suction makes your cleaning life a whole lot easier and not only that it can run for a fair bit longer too. To me, the DC58 definitely makes sense, but if you are only after a handheld vacuum to do the odd chore sporadically, then you will likely be just fine with the Dyson DC34.

Also, if you have any questions or concerns about the comparison of the DC34 Vs DC58 then feel free to make them below.