Dyson DC35 Vs DC59: Comparing the DC35 and DC59

DC35 or DC59 – Which is Best for You?

This article will contrast and compare two cordless Dyson Digital slim vacuums, the mark I versus the mark III (also known as the DC35 versus DC59, respectively) giving you a clear overview as to what each cleaning machine offers and from that which best suits your cleaning needs & preferences.

Dyson DC35 Overview

Design & Practical Features

Like all Dyson products, the Dyson DC35 Digital Slim takes on a unique, innovative, stylish yet practical design weighing in at just 2.2 kilograms with the weight ergonomically distributed in the handle to give it an added sense of lightness — so not only can it be used as a standard upright vacuum to clean any floor type, but it can be easily raised too clean ceilings & curtains. Moreover, the handle also has a bin compartment capable of storing 0.35 liters and can be easily & hygienically released through a simple hit of the button.

Dimensions: 112 by 23 by 30 cm

Cleaning Performance

It utilizes both the standard root cyclone technology (enabling to generate centrifugal forces), 22.2 V lit-ion battery as well as an early edition Digital motor that allows it to perform two cleaning modes: the standard – 28 Air Watts for 15 minutes and 60 Air Watts for 6 minutes.

Accessories & Attachments

Moreover, you are able to remove the wand component, the long aluminium tube that connects the handle to the carbon fiber cleaner head – so it essentially becomes a handheld vacuum (like that of the Dyson DC34), so you are able to perform more intricate cleaning jobs like vacuuming the stairs or inside of a car.

Additional accessories include: the combination tool (allowing for powered dusting) and crevice tool — if you get the Animal version (DC35 Animal) it will also come with a mini motorized tool for efficient & effective pick up of pet hair.

Rating: 78% from over 500 reviews (sourced: amazon.com) | Warranty: 2 years

Dyson DC59 Overview

Design & Practical Features

In terms of design the DC59 isn’t all that different, appearance wise they are very similar, however the DC59 has been made yet lighter still to 2.11 kg (along with the clever ergonomic weight distribution tweaking). Moreover, it is actually capable of storing an extra 0.05 liters of dirt as well with a bin capacity of 0.4 liters.

Dimensions: 25 by 121.4 by 20.8 cm

Cleaning Performance

The most significant improvement comes here however, where Dyson claim that the DC59 ‘sucks up as much dust as even a corded vacuum‘ — with it again coming with the two cleaning modes: standard at 28 Air Watts (for up to 26 minutes) and boost mode up to 100 Air Watts (for 6 minutes), where the latter produces the same suction force as a corded Dyson DC24. This huge improvement is due to a revamped two-tier radial root cyclone system, re-configured Cobalt battery and an improved ultra-efficient Digital motor V6.

Accessories & Attachments

It is also a 2 in 1 vacuum, with the ability to reassemble it to become a handheld vacuum (in this case the Dyson DC58 handheld) and offers the combination tool, crevice tool as well as the specialized pet hair tool.

Currently only available at Dyson.com. | Warranty: 2 years

The Difference Between the DC35 and DC59

There is a minor difference in design, with the DC59 being arguably a little easier to use (given the extra lightness & bigger bin capacity) but the significant difference comes in the fact that the DC59 is a whole lot more powerful than the DC35.

Which Digital Slim Should You Buy the DC35 or DC59?

In terms of price difference, it is quite substantial, probably an extra $80 or $100. However, if you only have a small apartment the difference between the two is one (the DC59) could probably replace your normal vacuum, whereas the other would only supplement it. Either way both are great for quick cleaning & those who struggle with heavy vacuums (e.g. taking it upstairs).

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