Dyson DC39 Vs DC50: Comparing the DC39 and DC50

DC39 or DC50 – Which is Best for You?

The following account will compare two rather different vacuum cleaners – a compact upright (DC50) versus a full sized cylinder (DC39), through firstly providing a brief overview of both and then a section highlighting the differences between them. Then from this, you will have a clear indication as to which Dyson is best suited to cleaning your house.

DC39 Overview

Design & Practical Features

The DC39 is a full sized cylinder vacuum and is the first model that has been integrated with a Dyson ball, that means despite it being rather weighty at 7.5 kg, it is still very easy to move around in use. Since it a full size cylinder (canister) vacuum it offers pretty extensive practical specifications too such as a the extensive bin capacity at 2 liters as well as a max reach of 16.5 meters (telescope reach: 10 m + cord length: 6.5 m).

Dimensions: 36.9 by 26.2 by 50.7 cm

Cleaning Performance

Apart from the new DC54 Cinetic model, the DC39 ‘removes more dust than any other cylinder vacuum’ this is because it is capable of generating a huge 280 Air Watts which is then coupled with the advanced radial root cyclone technology hence is capable of highly effective pick up and removal of dust, dirt and pet hair from all floor types (with the triggerhead adjusting for a more optimal clean for hard floors & soft floors).

Accessories & Attachments

With the DC39 Animal you get a stair tool, trigger tool (which is the normal cleaner head), a combination tool (that can be used for powered dusting and for getting into tight gaps), tangle free turbine tool (an ultra effective pet hair attachment) as well as the articulating hard floor tool. The DC39 is also fitted with a HEPA filter to prevent allergens, bacteria and dust from being expelled into the air whilst you are vacuuming — leaving behind a healthy, clean air supply.

Rating: 90% from over 50 reviews (sourced: amazon.com) | Warranty: 5 years

DC50 Overview

Design & Practical Features

In almost complete contrast to the DC39, the DC50 is an ultra-compact and upright vacuum cleaner, hence only weighs in at 5.4 kg (the lightest Dyson upright vacuum ever) but does feature an updated version of the Dyson ball — therefore as you can imagine, incredibly easy to maneuver and clean with. The DC50 is however rather limited with regards to practical specifications with just a bin capacity of 0.8 liters, although does offer just a marginally shorter reach at 16.3 meters (telescope reach: 8.7 m + cord length: 7.6 m).

Dimensions: 106.4 by 28 by 35.4 cm

Cleaning Performance

Despite the DC50 being fitted with a more advanced two tier radial root cyclone technology & self adjusting cleaner head it is only capable of generating a 140 Air Watts, (which is the same same ‘performance of a full sized upright’) — it can’t really compete with the DC39 cleaning powerhouse.

Accessories & Attachments

The DC50 Animal comes with the tangle free pet hair tool, stair tool and combination tool — hence rather similar to the DC39 Animal.

Rating: 84% from over 75 reviews (sourced: amazon.com) | Warranty: 5 years

The Difference Between the DC39 and DC50

There are a few major differences between the DC39 & DC50: where the former is a full sized canister designed for cleaning medium to large sized houses (hence the extra power & extensive practical features) and the other is a compact upright (which despite its impressive cleaning performance is only meant for carrying out a highly effective job in a small apartment or flat).

Which Dyson Vacuum Should You Buy the DC39 or DC50?

As said just above, it depends on how big your house is ultimately — as a DC50 won’t be much good for cleaning a large house due to reach & bin size being impractical, whereas the DC39 would suit it perfectly. On the other hand, a DC39 is too excessive in a small flat, given that it takes up a fair amount of storage space, but as the DC50 is nice and compact and can easily be stored in a cupboard.

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