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Dyson DC39 Vs DC65: Comparing the DC39 & DC65

DC39 or DC65 – Which is Best for You?

The following comparison guide (DC39 Vs DC65) will give you a brief account of both (with regards to their specifications, cleaning power etc.) which will then be followed by a concluding section that pin-points their differences from one another. From this, you will then get a clear understanding as to what both the DC65 and DC39 can offer you — and which vacuum is best suited for you & cleaning your household.

Dyson DC39 Canister Review

Design & Practical Features

The DC39 is a full sized canister vacuum (best priced as low as $350) and is the first of its kind to ever be fitted with a centralized Dyson ball, making it incredibly easy to clean around the house with — unlike fixed wheel canister vacuums, it won’t topple over (when you bump into skirting) or need to be dragged back and forth to get around tight corners (it can turn on a dime) & it only weighs just less than 17 lbs. The practical specifications are quite extensive too (obviously meant for cleaning mid to large sized houses) — with a max reach of just under 33 ft (cord length: 21 ft + telescope hose reach: 12 ft) & bin capacity of 0.53 gallons, that’s fitted with the one button press release mechanism.

Cleaning Performance & Technology

It packs a huge 275 air watts suction power capacity & this is coupled with radial root cyclone technology (allowing it generate incredibly centrifugal forces to rip fine dust particles from all floor types) as well as the advanced triggerhead tool. So essentially, the DC39 is very effective cleaning machine (being about third in the running of Dyson’s most power vacuum, after the DC65 & DC54). Moreover, the DC39 has undergone acoustic engineering (with sound dampening & insulating materials fitted) to reduce the sound levels & improve the audible quality.

Accessories & Attachments

There are two versions of the Dyson DC39, the mutli floor that comes with the standard combination tool (a crevice tool that also allows for powered dusting through the brush nozzle) and stair tool. Then there is also the animal, that comes with the very well regarded Dyson tangle free turbine tool, an effective attachment at removing pet hair from all floor types.

Rating: 80% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions:14.2 x 19.5 x 10.2 inches | Weight:16.9 lbs

Dyson DC65 Upright Review

Design & Practical Features

The DC65 (available from under $500) is Dyson’s biggest & baddest upright vacuum, designed specifically for cleaning American homes. The practical design & appearance is exactly like the Dyson DC41 (its predecessor), where it has a 0.55 gallon bin capacity, max reach of just of over 50 ft (cord length: 35 ft + telescope hose reach: 17 ft) and weighs just over 17 lbs. As you can see from the image on the left it also has the latest updated Dyson ball technology fitted, so is incredibly maneuverable and easy to use.

Cleaning Performance & Technology

This is where the significant improvements have been undertaken. Dyson have made a vacuum, which is proven to ‘clean better than any other vacuum across soft and hard floors‘ (at least twice as effective as its closest non-Dyson competitor). It incorporates the most advanced Dyson cleaning technology yet — the ultra efficient & advanced radial root cyclone technology, a suction power potential of 245 Air watts, a self adjusting (optimized) cleaner head that is integrated with the a reconfigured brush bar (that applies 25% more power). The DC65, really is the ultimate cleaning upright machine.

Accessories & Attachments

There are three versions of the DC65 (for details on the differences). The multi floor comes with the standard set (combination tool, stair tool) and the DC65 animal also offers the tangle free turbine tool just like the DC39 animal. However, the ‘powerhouse vacuum‘ is the Dyson DC65 Animal complete that comes with 8 additional attachments, so you can deal with every cleaning task you come across. A truly awesome vacuum cleaner.

Rating: 98% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions:42 x 13 x 15 inches | Weight: 17.35 lbs

What’s the Difference Between the DC39 and DC65?

Clearly, there are a number of differences. The DC65 is an upright and the DC39 is a canister based vacuum (it comes down to preference as to what you prefer really), but both are meant for cleaning the larger sized house (although the DC65 does offer greater practical specifications i.e a bigger bin capacity, more extensive reach) & both come integrated with the classic Dyson ball.

In terms of cleaning performance, the DC65 edges it in this regard given all the advanced updates, despite the fact the DC39 has a greater suction power.

Which Dyson Vacuum Should You Buy the DC39 or DC65?

It should really come down to whether you prefer a canister vacuum (DC39) or upright vacuum (DC65). However, if you aren’t bothered — I would go for the DC65, given that although it is about $100 more expensive (difference between DC39 animal and DC65 animal), you do get a lot of extra value for your money, mainly in regards to its pure cleaning power. But which will you buy the DC39 or DC65 & why (let me know in the comments below)?

Finally, if you have any queries or issues regarding the comparison of the Dyson DC39 Vs DC65, then please make them below. Furthermore, if you have found this article useful at all, please give it a like (heart) or share.

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