Dyson DC40 Vs DC41: Comparing the DC40 and DC41

DC40 or DC41 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will briefly & quickly compare the major differences (as well as what remains the same) between the two most popular Dyson upright vacuum models (with regards to specifications & features) — the Dyson DC40 and DC41 — so you can ultimately come to an easy decision as to which vacuum is best suited for you & your home — and hence which to buy.

Dyson DC40 Overview

Practical Aspects & Design

Identified as a ‘mid-sized‘ vacuum (which is a little smaller than most standard full sized vacuums) with compact measurements of 107 by 35 by 31 cm which in turn also allows it to be much lighter than most, weighing in at just 6.7 kilograms. Moreover, because it is also integrated with the unique Dyson Ball technology, it makes it extremely mobile & easy to use. Its size does however restrict it somewhat in terms of practical specifications: offering just under a 20 meter reach (with cord length: 7.5 m plus telescope reach: 12.4 m) and bin capacity of 1.6 liters.

Cleaning Power & Technology

Despite the fact that it is a bit more of compact vacuum (which has the obvious benefits of being easier to store etc.), it still offers an excellent cleaning performance with its motor capable of generating 200 Air Watts as well as being fitted with Dyson’s unique Radial Root Cyclone technology to ensure i) no loss of suction and ii) to pick up microscopic dust & debris particles (as small as 0.5 microns).

Attachments & Accessories

The accessories that come with the DC40 multi-floor (aka DC40 Origin) are the standard set: the combination tool (acting as a crevice tool & power dust tool device) & stair tool. Moreover, if your household struggles with pet hair you can purchase a tangle free turbine tool as well as an array of other accessories (sold separately) to improve your cleaning functionality with the DC40 further.

Dyson DC41 Overview

Practical Aspects & Design

This is Dyson’s ‘full-sized’ and most powerful upright vacuum — with dimensions: 107.1 by 39 by 34 cm and weighs in at 7.8 kg, so although it is a fair bit bigger than the DC40 — it is still agile and easy to use due to the Dyson Ball (especially when compared with non-Dyson vacuum cleaners). Moreover, it offers substantial practical specifications too, such as the large bin storage capacity of 2.1 liters and an extensive reach of over 23 meters (9.4 m length of cord and the telescope wand reaches 14 m).

Cleaning Power & Technology

The DC41 is, as said, the most powerful upright in the Dyson range and likely the entire vacuum market (currently) given that it boasts a huge 255 Air Watts of constant suction power as well as being fitted with the advanced (like the DC40) Radial Root Cyclone technology — nothing else really compares, truly an awesome cleaning machine.

Accessories & Attachments

With regards to accessories & attachments, it depends on the version of the DC41 you buy — you can get the Multi-floor where you will get the combination tool & stair tool or the Animal version where you are also provided with the tangle-free turbine tool (i.e is meant for pet owners) or the ultimate Dyson vacuum — the DC41 Animal Complete where you are provided with a whole host of cleaning attachments.

Further Note: that when bought new, the DC40 & DC41 are both backed by a 5 year warranty & are fitted with specialized filters that prevent dust & allergens being expelled into the air whilst vacuuming. Also, be sure to check out the new version of the DC41, the Dyson DC65 ‘ultra powerful’ upright.

The Differences Between the DC40 and DC41

As you can see there is basically a trade-off between the two models between power (the DC41 offering an extra 55 Air Watts) & mobility (the DC40 being lighter etc.) — as well as to an extent the practical features on-side with the DC41. If you have a particularly large house, I’d always advise you to go for the DC41, as the extra cord length and bin size will serve you well. If however, you live in a mid to small sized house it is more of a toss up between whether you want extreme ease of cleaning (i.e go for the DC40) or are wanting an easier cleaning time (due to the more powerful suction the DC41 offers).

Which Dyson Should You Buy the DC40 or DC41?

As said (after taking the price difference into account) whether you buy the DC40 or DC41 should depend on whether you prioritize ease of cleaning (although the DC41 is still very easy to use) or cleaning power (and again the DC40 is still a very decent performer in this regard). Furthermore, if you have a pet hair problem, then I thoroughly advise for you to get the DC41 Animal and if it is a real issue, go for the DC41 Animal Complete.

You may also come across the Dyson DC50 Animal, which is again great for cleaning up pet hair, but you will notice that it is even more compact than the DC40 — being Dyson’s most compact & lightest upright vacuum (ever) — so if you have a particularly small apartment or flat, then this is your model. In turn, the DC40 is targeted at the smaller/mid sized house and DC41 for the mid/large sized house.

If you have any queries or issues regarding the DC40 Vs DC41 comparison, then please feel free to ask below.