Dyson DC40 Vs DC50: Comparing the DC40 and DC50

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DC40 or DC50 – Which is Best for You?

This brief article hopes to help you make a clear decision as to which upright Dyson vacuum cleaner (the compact DC40 and ultra-compact DC50) is best for cleaning in and around your home — through comparing their specifications and features i.e highlighting what’s similar as well as what’s different between the DC40 and DC50.

Dyson DC40 OverviewDyson DC40 Vs DC50: Comparing the DC40 and DC50, Seekyt

Practical Aspects & Specifications

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A ‘mid-sized’ vacuum cleaner — dimensions: 107 by 35 by 31 cm & weighs in at 6.7 kilograms, with a max reach of just under 20 meters (cord length: 7.5 m + telescope reach: 12.4 m) & bin capacity of 1.6 liters.

Cleaning Performance

Moreover, the cleaning power of the DC40 is actually quite substantial given its size — this is due to it being fitted with a powerful motor capable of producing a constant suction force of 200 Air Watts as well as Dyson’s updated & unique Radial Root Cyclone technology.

Attachments & Accessories

The accessories fitted with the DC40 Multi-floor are the standard set: a combination tool (which acts to allow for powered dusting and getting into to tight spaces) & a stair tool — moreover if you upgrade to the DC40 Animal, you will also get a mini turbine pet hair head (useful for effective pick up of pet hair).

Rating: 88% (sourced amazon.com)

Dyson DC50 Overview

Practical Aspects & Specifications

A ‘small-sized’ vacuum cleaner — dimensions: 106.4 by 28 by 35.4 cm and weighs in at 5.4 kg, with a max reach of just over 16 meters (cord length: 7.6 m + telescope reach: 8.7 m) & bin capacity of 0.8 liters.

Dyson DC40 Vs DC50: Comparing the DC40 and DC50, SeekytCleaning Performance

With the DC50 Dyson claims — that although it is very small relative to a standard full sized vacuum cleaner — it is still capable of producing an equal suction cleaning force (to that of a normal vacuum) due to its advanced Dyson Two Tier Radial Root Cyclone Technology & suction force that is capable of generating 140 Air Watts.

Attachments & Accessories

The accessories that come with the DC50 Animal are as follows: a combination tool, stair tool as well as the advanced pet hair tool: the Dyson tangle free turbine tool (which basically operates on counter-rotating heads that allow it to be free of getting clogged with pet hair). Update: the DC50 multi floor has now been released and is cheaper than the Animal but only comes with the stair tool & combination tool.

Rating: 82% (sourced amazon.com)

The Differences Between the DC40 and DC50

i) Size & Weight

So from the first point of comparison, we can clearly see that although the DC40 is a small & very light vacuum in comparison to most standard full-sized vacuum cleaners — the DC50 really is just one of the smallest and lightest upright vacuums on the market.

This gives you a few implications to think about: where although the DC50 does lend itself (due to also both being integrated with the Dyson Ball technology) as being easier to use and store away — it also comes with the handicap of limited practical specifications (e.g. shorter cord & smaller bin capacity).

Hence, which vacuum cleaner you get should really be dependent on the size of the house you are cleaning — if it is a small flat or apartment the DC50 is perfect, you won’t need a long cord to get around everywhere etc. ,whereas the DC40 is better suited to cleaning a smaller sized house (given that you won’t want to be emptying the bin every 15 minutes of cleaning, like you would with the DC50).

ii) Cleaning Suction Power

Secondly, the difference in cleaning performance — where although the DC40 lends itself to offer greater suction power (i.e with a difference of 60 Air watts in its favor), the DC50 has an upgraded cyclone system that allows it to generate higher centrifugal forces (it also has an advanced cleaner suction head). This actually makes them almost equal in cleaning performance, however you should note that both the DC40 and DC50 vacuum to an excellent standard — however the DC40 arguably does edge it.

iii) AccessoriesDyson DC40 Vs DC50: Comparing the DC40 and DC50, Seekyt

Lastly, the case of attachments comes down to whether you have pets in your house and as the DC50 comes with a tangle free turbine tool, I’d suggest you go for that (if you do have pets) & a small flat. This being, said if you have a small sized house with a pet, I’d recommend that you go for the DC40 multi-floor and simply buy the Tangle free turbine tool separately. Also, note that you can buy additional accessories & attachments for your Dyson vacuums such as with the Home Cleaning Kit etc.

Which Vacuum Should You Buy the DC40 or DC50?

It basically comes down to how big is your house — if you don’t feel that the max reach length & bin capacity the DC50 offers is large enough, then you will more than likely need the DC40. Note: if you have a large house, you should be thinking about the DC41 instead.

If you have any questions or concerns over the DC40 Vs DC50 then please feel free to ask below.

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Dyson DC40 Vs DC50: Comparing the DC40 and DC50, Seekyt
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