Dyson DC41 Vs DC65: Which 'Sucks' the Most?

Dyson DC41 or DC65 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will compare two of Dyson’s most powerful upright vacuum cleaners — Dyson DC41 Vs DC65 — highlighting both their differences and their similarities among their features & aspects (incl. accessories & attachments) to help you determine which is the right vacuum machine for you & ultimately which is the best from the two.

Dyson DC41 Upright Vacuum Overview

Design & Practical Features

The DC41 is a full sized upright vacuum cleaner (dimensions: 42.4 x 13.4 x 15.4 inches) that takes on the classic futuristic yet practical Dyson design. It is ultra light-weight weighing in at just over 17 lbs and is fitted with the famous Dyson ball technology, so you can easily maneuver the vacuum in and out of tight spots. It also offers extensive specifications such as its max reach of over 50 ft (cord length being 35 ft + telescope reach 16 ft) so is perfect for mid to large sized houses.

Cleaning Performance

It has been proven that the DC41 can offer ‘twice the suction of any other vacuum‘ (apart from the DC65) being attributable to its state of the art cleaning technology — the highly efficient radial root cyclone technology (capturing ultra fine dust particles), self adjusting cleaner head (that optimizes the clean for hard floor & soft floor surfaces) and offers a huge 235 Air watts of pure suction power. A truly awesome cleaning machine.

Accessories & Attachments

The DC41 is mainly available in only two versions the Animal and Animal complete. With the former you get the classic combination tool & stair tool as well as the tangle free turbine tool (which is basically a very, very effective pet hair picking up device – that is awesome for those who have pet hair problems in their household). Then with the DC41 Animal complete – you don’t only get the above accessories specified but it also comes with a specialized soft dusting brush, stubborn dirt brush, up top brush, zorb maintenance powder and a tool bag.

Note: you can tell the difference between the animal (purple) and animal complete (pink) by their colored finish.

Dyson DC65 Upright Vacuum Overview

Design & Practical Features

Essentially the DC65 is intended to replace the DC41 as being the ‘top dog’ upright vacuum cleaner, but in terms of practical design they aren’t actually that different at all. They have the exact same dimensions, appearance, bin capacity (with clean hygienic easy release mechanism) and ball technology.

Cleaning PerformanceDyson DC65

It is here, the cleaning technology installed where the major developments have been undertaken — where Dyso claim that it ‘cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets & hard floors‘. This has been achieved due to several engineering triumphs. Firstly, the re-engineered motorized brush bar that applies 25% more power into getting the bristles deeper into carpets to be more effective at removing debris. Furthermore, the root cyclone technology has been made to be more powerful & efficient along with the extra power suction installed… 245 AW with the DC65 as opposed to 235 AW with the DC41.

Accessories & Attachments

The DC65 is available as a multi floor – where it comes with just the combination tool & stair tool, an animal – coming with the previous tools plus the soft dusting brush & tangle free turbine head as well as the DC65 Animal complete – which is provided essentially with the same accessories provided with the DC41 Animal complete. So there isn’t any real significant difference in this regard.

What’s the Difference Between the DC41 and DC65?

So really, when it comes to the Dyson DC41 versus DC65 — the only difference is the improvements made in the cleaning technology: the improved radial root cyclone technology, re-configured brush bar and developments with the self-adjusting cleaner head as well as an extra 10 air watts of suction power. All the other design aspects apart from the DC65 being slightly heavier at 0.2 lbs are exactly the same.

The Winner: The Dyson DC65 ‘sucks’ the most.

Which Vacuum Cleaner Should You Buy the Dyson DC41 or DC65?

Although, it is clear both are excellent vacuum cleaners, the DC65 obviously edges it — but they do place first and second in being the ‘best’ upright vacuum cleaners on the market. They are actually available at the same price — so on this basis, I definitely recommend that you go with the DC65 (unless you can find the DC41 significantly cheaper e.g. through amazon.com). But which Dyson upright will you buy the DC41 or DC65?

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