Dyson DC44 Vs DC59: Comparing the DC44 and DC59

DC44 or DC59 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will briefly compare the innovative & ultra-lightweight two Dyson Digital Slim cordless stick vacuum cleaners by clearly distinguishing what their differences (and what is the same) are, so you can quickly judge as to whether the extra cost that comes with the DC59 is worth it or not.

Dyson DC44 Overview

The DC44 is the Digital slim mark II which measures: 112 by 23 by 30 cm and weighs in at just 2.2 kg (which is incredibly light compared to other stick cordless vacuums e.g. the Hoover Linx) with the weight distributed primarily in the handle (which also contains the 0.35 liter bin storage) to offer an added lightness (making it easy to not only clean flooring, but your curtains & ceiling too).

It operates on two cleaning modes (powered by the Digital motor V2): standard at 28 Air Watts (lasting 20 minutes) and boost mode at 65 Air Watts (lasting 8 minutes) and utilizes a carbon fiber filaments head for effective pick up of dirt and dust from all floor types & is integrated with the standard Dyson Root Cyclone technology (to remove microscopic dust & particles). It is twice as effective as its predecessor the Digital Slim mark I (the DC35) at cleaning.

The DC44 comes with a charging docking station as well as a combination tool (so that it can essentially become a handheld vacuum i.e the DC34, through removing the wand) and mini motorized tool (for effective pet hair removal).

Dyson DC59 Overview

This is the Digital Slim mark III, essentially the update to the DC44 and hence as you can expect it makes significant improvements in almost every factor. Firstly, it is even lighter just weighing at 2.11 kg and comes with a slightly different design measuring: 25 by 121.4 by 20.8 cm that features an improved bin storage capacity of 0.4 liters.

The most significant improvement is in the cleaning performance. Where Dyson claim for it to be as powerful as a corded vacuum (e.g. the Dyson DC24) — whereby like the DC44 it offers two power modes: standard at 28 Air Watts (up to 26 minutes of cleaning) but on boost mode it generates up to 100 Air Watts (lasting for 6 minutes) — this is due to several factors: i) an updated Dyson Digital Motor (V6), ii) improved Two-Tier Radial Root Cyclone technology and iii) re-configured cobalt battery. Moreover, it has an improved carbon fiber filaments head (due to channel collection & stabilization mechanism for increased pick up rates).

Like the DC44 it has a docking station (that also offers storage for accessories) and comes with a combination tool (so it can be turned into a handheld vacuum, essentially the DC58) and mini motorized tool for dealing with pet hair.

The Differences Between the DC44 and DC59

So just a brief re-cap, the DC59 is now a fair bit lighter & has a bigger storage bin than the DC44 but is also substantially more powerful and effective at cleaning (due to the improved battery, motor, cyclone system and cleaner head). Moreover, it does have the ability to clean for 6 minutes longer due to the ‘run-time enhancing trigger’ (although note the Boost Mode has declined by two minutes).

Which Digital Slim Should You Buy the DC44 or DC59?

The DC59 is a fair bit more expensive than the DC44 by around $60 – $80, however for all the added benefits you get with the DC59 and how much easier it will make your cleaning life (especially if you don’t have a cordless vacuum at the moment) I highly recommend that it is worth the investment. It really is multi-functional (e.g. becoming a handheld, so it can be used in the car on stairs etc.) and is particularly well suited for those who need it for a small apartment, upstairs cleaning, quick vacuums before guests come, have difficulty lugging around a heavy vacuum etc.

I’d say the DC44 is more of a supplement to cleaning an entire household with a corded vacuum as well, whereas the DC59 offers itself more as the complete package for the smaller houses and flats etc.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison of the DC44 Vs DC59 then please make them below.