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Dyson DC50 Multi-Floor Vs Animal: Comparing the DC50 Multi Floor & DC50 Animal

DC50 Multi floor or DC50 Animal – What’s the Difference?

If you are confused as to what the exact differences (and what remains identical) between the DC50 Multi-floor and DC50 Animal versions, this account will be able to help you out. The quick answer though: is that there isn’t much, it simply comes down to what accessories come with what model, here the DC50 Animal is provided with an additional specialized pet Animal tool (more details below), but the cleaning performance, specifications remain the same between the two versions (again further details on this below).

Differences Between the DC50 Multi-Floor and DC50 Animal

As said above, the only real variation (apart from the different skin colors of the two versions, multi-floor: yellow & animal: purple) is the ‘extra’ cleaning attachments and accessories that come with the respective version of the DC50 – to make it clear I have broken down what comes with each:

DC50 Multi-Floor Attachments & Accessories

The multi-floor version comes with just the combination tool (which is basically a crevice tool that can used for vacuuming tight gaps and areas, that also has the ability to double up with a brush nozzle for powered dusting) as well as a stair tool (for exactly that, cleaning stairs).

DC50 Animal Attachments & Accessories

Now the DC50 Animal comes with both those attachments – the combination tool & stair tool but additionally comes with the tangle free turbine tool (which is a motorized attachment that is used for the efficient pick up of pet hair from a range of surfaces). This is why there is a slight difference in price between the two.

Extra Accessories Available for the DC50 Multi floor and DC50 Animal

There are also a range of separate accessories that can be bought for the DC50 (both versions) e.g. in the Dyson Home Cleaning kit you get: a soft brush tool (for removal of ultra fine dust particles from delicate areas), stubborn dirt brush tool (to remove dug in dirt) and an up-top tool (for easy access to cleaning difficult areas to reach e.g. shelves).

Similarities Between the DC50 Multi-floor and DC50 Animal

Apart from the point made above, the DC50 vacuum cleaner (with both versions) is actually the same and the following is just to give you a brief run through as to exactly what you are getting & what the DC50 is intended for.

Design & Practical Factors

As with all Dyson products, the DC50 is ergonomic, stylish yet practical — weighing just 5.4 kg (Dyson’s lightest upright vacuum ever) and being fitted with the ‘updated’ Dyson ball, makes maneuvering the DC50 a complete ease. Because it is so compact though, the practical specifications are somewhat limited with a bin capacity of just 0.8 liters and max reach of just over 16 meters (hence only intended for cleaning a flat or very small house).

Cleaning Performance

Despite its size (and with everything being essentially ‘condensed’), Dyson claim that it still offers the same cleaning suction performance as that of a standard full size upright due to being integrated with their latest advanced technology such as: the two-tier radial root cyclone technology, with a efficient self adjusting cleaner head and surprisingly powerful suction force of 140 Air watts.

Rating: 84% from over 75 reviews (sourced: amazon.com)

Which Version of the DC50 Should You Buy the Multi Floor or Animal?

Firstly, as discussed just above, the DC50 is designed for flats/apartments (and small houses), anything larger then you want to be looking at a Dyson DC40 or Dyson DC41. Whether you get the DC50 multi-floor or DC50 Animal comes down to a simple question really: does your household suffer with pet hair? If yes, then get the DC50 Animal, if no then you are fine going with the multi floor version.

Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding the comparison of the DC50 Multi-floor Vs Animal please make them below (and if you’ve found the article useful, please give it a like or share — will be much appreciated).

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