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Dyson DC50 Vs DC65: ‘David Versus Goliath’

Comparison Review: DC50 or DC65 – Which is Best for You?

Are you trying to figure out whether to go for the compact DC50 or the full ‘power’ sized DC65 & exactly what the differences are between them? Well this comparison guide — DC50 Vs DC65 — will be able to help you out through firstly providing a complete overview of each, so you know exactly what both the DC50 & DC65 have to offer you. We then go on to highlight the significant differences (& similarities) in terms of features among them, in turn helping you to decide exactly which cleaning machine is the ideal vacuum for you (as well as coming up with an ultimate winner overall).

Dyson Compact ‘David’ DC50 Overview

Design & Practicality Aspects

The DC50 is manufactured to be an ultra compact vacuum (dimensions: 30.1 x 11 x 13.9 inches), perfect for cleaning small apartments & flats — being super lightweight at just under 12 lbs (Dyson’s lightest ever upright vacuum) and is also fitted with the Dyson ball, so is incredibly easy to use.

However, this does in turn mean its practical specifications are rather limited in comparison to normal sized vacuum cleaners. For instance, the bin capacity is only 0.8 liters and the reach capability is just short of 30 ft — but then again, they don’t need to be any bigger than that as they are only vacuuming small places. Plus, it means the DC50 is incredibly easy to store away in a cupboard or under a table.

Cleaning Performance & Technology

Despite, the fact the DC50 is so small — it has the ‘same suction power as other competing conventional full sized vacuum cleaners‘ — this is because it is fitted with all of Dyson’s latest technology. The two tier radial root cyclone, that generates super high centrifugal forces to pick up microscopic dust and dirt particles & works in conjunction with the self adjusting cleaner head that minimizes the 140 AW suction power loss through adapting to the type of floor it is cleaning (whether it be carpet or hard wood).

Accessories & Attachments

You can get the DC50 multi floor or DC50 animal. The former comes with a combination crevice tool as well as a stair tool. The DC50 animal comes with both them and the specialized pet hair attachment: the tangle free turbine, which is highly effective at removing dog & cat hair from all surfaces (particularly good at cleaning the inside of cars, even if you don’t have a pet).

Rating: 82% (sourced amazon.com)

Dyson Full Sized ‘Goliath’ DC65 Overview

Design & Practicality Aspects

The DC65 is the ‘big, bad, ultra powerful‘ vacuum from the Dyson range. A full sized vacuum (dimensions: 42.4 x 13.4 x 15.4 inches) that weighs only ‘just over’ 17 lbs and is fitted with the Dyson ball, so you can maneuver it on a single dime. Moreover, it offers an extensive bin capacity of 0.55 gallons and a reach of just over 50 ft (combining the cord & telescope reach) — so is an ideal cleaning machine for mid to large sized houses.

Cleaning Performance & Technology

Through several engineering triumphs, Dyson have produced with the DC65 a vacuum that has been proven to ‘clean better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors‘. This is due to the huge 245 AW of constant suction power, a re-engineered brush bar that applies 25% more power than its predecessor (the DC41) did as well as a more efficient radial root cyclone system (it also has the self adjusting cleaner head integrated like the DC50 does).

Accessories & Attachments

There are three versions of the DC65 (and for specific details & overview on these accessories and the difference between the versions go here). The DC65 multi floor that is provided with the basic accessories. The DC65 Animal which comes with the exact attachments detailed above with the DC50 Animal & then there is the ‘ultimate’ Dyson vacuum — the DC65 Animal Complete that offers a range of 8 additional accessories & attachments.

What’s the Difference Between DC50 and DC65?

The obvious factor issize, the DC50 is ultra-compact and the DC65 is fully sized — with this , there are consequent factors on the practical specifications where the DC65 is a lot better endowed as well as the cleaning performance, whereby the DC65 completely out performs the DC50.

Which Should You Buy the Dyson DC50 or DC65?

But, as you can see from the differences between the DC65 and DC50, they are intended for different cleaning jobs. The DC50 is for those who live in an apartment or flat & can’t really fit a DC65 in (due to limited storage space) and don’t need the excess practical specifications. On the other hand, the DC50 wouldn’t suit a large sized house as the reach isn’t long enough and you would be emptying the bin frequently, hence is more ideally suited to the DC65. So which vacuum will you buy and why?

However, the winner in terms of ‘Dyson technology’ & overall value for money has to be: the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete. Goliath wins this time. Also, bear in mind that there are additional accessories you can buy to improve the cleaning functionality of your vacuums even further.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison review of the DC50 Vs DC65, then please make them below & if you’ve found this article helpful please be sure to give it a like or share.

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