Dyson DC54 Animal Vs DC54 Animal Pro: Comparing the DC54 Animal and Animal Pro

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Dyson DC54 Animal and DC54 Animal Pro – What’s the Difference?

This account hopes to quickly clear up any potential confusion you have over two versions of the new ultra-powerful canister (barrel) DC54 vacuum cleaner — the DC54 Animal and the DC54 Animal Pro. The quick answer is that the only real difference comes in the accessories that come with each version, apart from that they are exactly the same (further details below).

The Differences Between the DC54 Animal & DC54 Animal Pro

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As said above, it is in the accessories & Dyson attachments that come with each respective version of the DC54, where the significant difference lies.

DC54 Animal Attachments & Accessories

To start with the DC54 Animal, this canister vacuum comes with a stair tool (which is pretty self explanatory), a combination tool (an attachment that can be used to clean tight & awkward gaps that also doubles up with the brush nozzle for powered dusting), a tangle free turbine tool (an innovative counter-rotating pet tool used for effective & efficient pick up of pet hair) as well as an articulated hard floor tool (which is basically a specialized cleaner head, with a 180 degree articulation, for cleaning dirt & debris from your tiled, wooden floors etc.)

DC54 Animal Pro Attachments & Accessories

With the DC54 Animal Pro, you don’t only get all the attachments named above (i.e the combination tool, stair tool, tangle free turbine tool & articulated hard floor tool), you also get the following: i) soft dusting brush (which is designed to remove dust from delicate surfaces e.g. tv screens without damaging them), ii) a flexi crevice tool (that offers you a prominent reach and can be used to bend around corners) and finally iii) a stubborn dirt brush (that acts to flick dug-in dirt from carpets etc.).

The Similarities Between the DC54 Animal & Animal Pro

Design & Practical Features

As stated above, the actual vacuum specs are identical between the DC54 Animal & Animal Pro — both are integrated with a Dyson Ball for easy mobility & cleaning use as well as being compact (dimensions: 36.8 by 26.1 by 50.7 cm) and relatively light (weight: 7.6 kg). Moreover, they offer extensive practical aspects such as the large bin storage capacity and a reach of over 17 meters.

Cleaning Performance

The DC54 vacuums are Dyson’s most powerful vacuums yet being integrated with their latest Cinetic cyclone technology — which is basically 54 ultra-efficient cyclones working in unison — that generates huge centrifugal forces to literally rip microscopic particles (as small as 0.5 microns incl. pollen & bacteria) from floor types. No other vacuum cyclone system compares. This technology makes filter use redundant, hence there is no need to constantly wash and replace them & only expels clean healthy air. The DC54 is basically the ‘best’ vacuum you can buy, if you are an allergy or asthmatic sufferer.

Attachments & Accessories

We have discussed the difference in accessories above — but just to mention the main carbon fiber cleaner head that has undergone rigorous re-configurations, updates and improvements that has made it capable of being ultra effective in sucking up a whole range of dirt & debris form ultra-fine dust particles on hard-floors to large dug-in dirt patches in carpets.

Which Version of the DC54 Should You Buy the Animal or Animal Pro?

Basically, you need to decide whether the extra $50 to $70 is worth it for the extra attachments (soft dusting tool, flexi-crevice tool & stubborn dirt brush) and if you think so, go for the DC54 Animal Pro (or compare them to buying the DC54 Animal & those accessories separately & opt for whichever is cheapest).

If you have any questions or remarks about the comparison of the DC54 Animal Vs Animal Pro please leave them below.

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Dyson DC54 Animal Vs DC54 Animal Pro: Comparing the DC54 Animal and Animal Pro, Seekyt
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