Dyson DC54 Vs DC65: Two Cleaning TITANS Fight it Out to Be Dyson's BEST Vacuum

Dyson DC54 or DC65 – Which is the Best for You?

This review stacks Dyson’s two most powerful (and newly) released vacuums against one another — DC54 Vs DC65 — essentially Dyson’s most powerful canister and upright (by far) vacuum cleaners.

And… because each is more powerful than any other vacuum in its own category i.e the DC54 canister is more powerful than any other competing canister and likewise with the DC65 for upright vacuums, it is essentially which is the BEST vacuum cleaner on the entire market!

Firstly, we will provide a brief overview of each, so you get a clear idea as to exactly what each is about and then we will pin-point their key differences and finally decide on a winner to be Dyson’s Best & Most Powerful Vacuum. It’s going to be a tight call.

Dyson DC54 Cinetic Canister Vacuum Review

Design & Practical Aspects

The DC54 is a truly unique vacuum (which you will find out more as to why just below), but in this regard it isn’t anything too new — it takes on a similar classic futuristic type appearance as previous Dyson canister vacuums (e.g. the DC39) but in fairness does look awesome.

It measures: 50.7 x 26.1 x 36.8 cm, weighs in at just under 8 kg and is fitted with the unique Dyson ball technology, so operating and maneuvering it, is a compete dream (compared to other fixed wheeled canister vacuums). It also offers extensive practical aspects too such as the large 2 liter bin capacity with a simple one button press release mechanism as well as a max reach of just over 10 meters.

Cleaning Performance & Technology

The cinetic technology integrated is completely unique to the DC54 — it has allowed it to be the only vacuum that needs ‘no maintenance of filters, no bags to buy and no loss of suction…ever’. The cinetic cyclone technology basically utilizes 54 mini ultra efficient cyclones that generate incredible centrifugal force to literally tear away micro particles from carpets & hard flooring (more so ‘than any other cyclone’ system).

As the tips vibrate & oscillate, clogging is pretty much non existent, this in turn means no pre or post filters are needed, meaning thee is nothing to wash or replace. This in conjunction with a huge 290 Air watts of pure constant suction power (more so than any other Dyson ever) as well as Dyson’s most advanced cleaner muscle head tool — ensures incredible effectiveness in pick up on all flooring.

Accessories & Attachments

The DC54 is available in an array of versions and this is what determines what accessories come with the DC54. Mainly however, it is the DC54 multi floor that is provided with a combination & stair tool and the dual cleaner head. Then the other is the DC54 animal, which comes with the combination and stair tool, but has the muscle carbon fiber cleaner & articulating hard floor cleaner tool as well as the tangle free turbine attachment — a highly effective (and probably the best) device in removing pet hair from any surface.

Dyson DC65 Upright Vacuum Review

Design & Practical Aspects

The DC65 is basically a revamped DC41, so like that upright — it measures 107 x 39.4 x 34 cm, but weighs slightly more at 7.9 kg but is also fitted with the latest Dyson ball technology, so you can turn on a dime (rather than having to drag it back and forth to get around tight corners). Moreover, the practical specifications are very decent: a bin capacity of 2.1 liters and max reach of 14 meters (with cord length being 9.4 m) — obviously being more suited to cleaning a mid to large sized home (like that of the DC54).

Cleaning Performance & Technology

This is where the serious work has gone in on the DC65, they claim that it ‘cleans better than any other [upright] vacuum across carpets and floors‘, offering twice the suction power at the cleaner head as any other [upright] vacuum. Dyson have manged to achieve this due to several engineering triumphs.

They have updated the radial root cyclone system to be more efficient as well as the self adjusting cleaner head to leak even less air — getting tight to all types of flooring, to perform an optimal clean. It also a reconfigured brush bar that applies ‘25% more power’ driving its carbon fiber bristles even deeper into carpets to remove dirt, dust and debris — then it also has the potential to provide 245 Air watts of constant suction power as well. With all this, there is really no wonder as to why it is the most powerful upright on the vacuum market.

Accessories & Attachments

The DC65 is available in three versions — the multi floor (which comes with the combination tool & stair tool), animal (which in addition to those tools come with the Dyson tangle free turbine attachment as well as a soft Dyson cleaning brush) and finally the ultimate Dyson animal complete offering a range of 8 additional attachments (see here for an in-depth analysis on the difference between the DC65 multi floor, animal & animal complete).

What’s the Difference Between the DC54 Animal and DC65 Animal?

Firstly, the obvious factor one is an upright and the other is a canister (you will always prefer one over the other, but the purpose of comparison we will ignore this factor). Interestingly, they are both roughly the same weight (just under 8 kg) and of course come with a awesome Dyson ball integrated, so again for arguments sake we will say they are equal in this aspect too (but obviously the way you would operate an upright would be different to a canister/cylinder vacuum).

However, might have noticed that the DC65 does edge the DC54 in terms of practical specifications — with a larger bin capacity and a more extensive reach, which will certainly serve you better — the bigger your house is. But, when it comes to cleaning performance, despite the fact that the DC65 is very, very impressive — the DC54 does edge it in this regard, mainly due to the fact it is packed with an extra 45 Air watts & the new revolutionary cinetic technology.

The Winner: Dyson DC54 Cinetic Canister Vacuum

Which Dyson Vacuum Should You Buy the DC54 or DC65?

Although, I believe overall the DC54 is the ‘better’ vacuum. If you do prefer an upright to a canister vacuum, then I more than encourage you to go for the DC65 Animal Complete — the competition was very close and was basically coming down to a trade off between pure cleaning power and practical aspects. But which Dyson vacuum do you think is best and which will you buy the DC54 or DC65 (let me know in the comments below)?

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison overview of the Dyson DC54 Vs DC65, then please be sure to make them below & if you have found this article helpful please do give it a like or share — will be much appreciated.