Dyson DC56 Battery Life: Run Time & Charge Time Explained

Dyson DC56 Battery Details & Clear Up

Are you interested in getting hold of Dyson’s unique cordless hard floor cleaner (DC56), however are a little unsure over what exactly the battery life is (how long it runs for) and/or how that works in relation to the DC56 cleaning? Well if so you have come to the right place.

What Battery Does the Dyson DC56 Have?

The DC56 ‘Dyson Hard’ utilizes the same battery as the first two models of the Digital Slim vacuums (the DC35, DC44) a rather powerful 22.2 volt lithium ion battery. Which in turn can allow the DC56 to access a dual cleaning mode — either the standard option, which performs 28 Air watts of constant suction or its boost mode (applying 70% extra power for particularly tough dirt, dust and debris) conducting 65 Air watts.

Both power modes perform suction through its dual channel cleaner head (where two vacuum strips reside at opposite ends of the vacuum, so every area gets a double pass) to help clear & clean up your hard flooring in your household. It also acts very much like a DC34 handheld vacuum as it has the ability to be turned into handheld with the combination tool accessory that comes with it.

What is the DC56 Run Time (Battery Life)?

If you were to use the full battery life on just the standard cleaning mode option you will get up to 15 minutes of cleaning time (which I find to be more than enough to get around a kitchen, dining area and living room) and on boost mode up to 6 minutes. But, in reality you are going to be interchanging between the cleaning modes, so it is more likely to be a 12 min average clean.

You could effectively double the run time, if you bought a separate lit-ion battery for about $30 — so once one of the batteries is dead, you can swap it over to the other one.

What is the Dyson DC56’s Charge Time?

You get a docking station (along with a range of 9 wipes — wood nourishing & hard floor cleaning wipes) that neatly stores the DC56 away (as well as its accessories) but will also charge the battery for you. To get from dead to full, it takes only about 210 minutes (so about 3 and a half hours).

The best price on the DC56 can be either found at eBay.com or amazon.com, where a lot of people weren’t too keen on the product initially. But, if you buy it used, you can get it well under $200 — which is pretty much the same price as a Dyson DC34 handheld vacuum, so it can prove to be a pretty clever buy if found at the right price.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the battery of the DC56 (or about the hard floor cleaner itself) then please make them below. Also, if you have found this account helpful please give it a like or share.