Dyson DC58 Battery Life: Run Time & Charge Time Explained

Dyson DC58 Battery Details & Clear Up

Are you looking to get the ultra power Dyson DC58 handheld vacuum cleaner, however are looking to clarify a few points with regards to the battery power, battery life etc.? Well, this Dyson DC58 Battery guide will certainly be able to help you out & clear up any potential confusion that you may have with it.

What Battery Does the DC58 Animal Have?

As you may know the DC58 handheld is an upgrade to its predecessor the DC34. The main difference between the two is actually the battery replacement — the DC34 model has a 22.2 volt lithium ion battery that allowed it to produce 28 AW on standard mode & 65 Air Watts on boost mode (which is certainly impressive when compared to other leading handheld vacuums).

However, now Dyson have fitted the DC58 with a ‘re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery‘ that can supply an extra 50% of power to the vacuum (compared to the DC34) which in is a significant factor in making the DC58 ‘three times as powerful as the conventional handheld vacuum cleaner‘ — where on Boost mode it can reach up to 100 Air Watts of constant suction (which is comparable to even a corded full sized vacuum).

Moreover, it is also now ‘fade free‘ so even when it only has 20 seconds of power left, it is still ‘just as’ powerful as the first 20 seconds of use — which is certainly not the case with other handhelds.

What is the DC58 Run Time (Battery Life)?

It does depend mainly what you use it for. However, if you were to use the full power on just boost mode, it can last just over 6 minutes (bit you will find that you would rarely, if ever, just hold it on just boost mode for the entire duration of cleaning). When used for just the standard mode it can last 20 minutes.

However, what tends to happen is that you will vacuum a section or area for 30 or 40 seconds and then move on to the next one (and obviously in that time you aren’t vacuuming). It is here where the DC58 is unique, it has a trigger mechanism that basically only applies battery power when its being used — this then actually allows it to last up to 26 minutes (and is the figure you need to be comparing with other standard cordless vacuums).

Note: If you do get the DC58 Animal and use the pet motorized tool, it will last around 16 to 17 minutes with constant use. Also, that although 20 minutes might not seem like a long time, for its intended purposes e.g. cleaning out the car, stair ways — you don’t really want to be spending much more than that cleaning anyway (as Dyson.com have calculated with estimated cleaning time), especially with a vacuum this powerful & efficient at cleaning.

What is the DC58 Charge Time?

The charge time i.e from dead to full should be around the 3.5 hour mark (so roughly just over 200 minutes). When you buy the DC58 you get a charger that comes with it, that simply fits into the mains and then into your DC58. However, note that unlike the DC59, it doesn’t come with a wall mounted docking station.

Any Difference Between the DC58 Multi-floor and DC58 Animal?

With regards to the DC58 Vs DC58 Animal — the battery life remains exactly the same as described above. In fact the only real significant difference between these two models (as is reflected through the difference in price) is that the DC58 Animal version comes with the extra attachment of mini motorized pet hair tool whereas the DC58 mutli-floor doesn’t. Apart from this, they are exactly the same — along with a minor change in their color finish.

In all, it is an absolutely awesome cleaning machine and if you are still on the fence about it, I urge you to go down to your local store that has it in stock and ask if you can give it a test run & you will be blown away by its cleaning performance.

Moreover, if you have any other questions or concerns regarding the overview of the battery details in the Dyson DC58 handheld vacuum, then please do make them below. Also, if you’ve found this account useful then please be sure to give it a like or share, it would be much appreciated.